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Online Plants Nursery

Water is fundamental for all life and plants are the foundation of life as it gives the stepping stone for other life as well. All living things on earth are so connected to Plants. Plants absorb sunlight and water and transform them into energy while also developing flowers and fruits that can benefit other living things whether as food or fertilizer.

Buy online plants nursery and Connect with Nature

There was a time when humans were actively connected to nature with plants and life but these days we are only connected to our smartphones and gadgets. People work around 9 hours a day surrounded by walls and cubicles. And for some who want to connect with nature sometimes find themselves unable to do so when you are living in a city apartment. Now you can connect with nature as you can buy plants online nursery with us. We can proudly say the organic methods and techniques that we implementing in taking care of our plants right from the nursery stage made us the best in online plant nursery shopping.

Focus more and better get online plant nursery

Studies and research have found that just looking at the sight of greenery can reduce the amount of stress and calms your mind. When your mind is not stressed you can focus better and increase your productivity at the same time reduce your stress levels by looking at the sights of plants and nature. So, get the online plants buy of your favorite that come in all different sizes. We also offer plants in pots that you can put on the desk that is compact and can give you that soothing effect every time you look. So, get your online plants nursery pots from us.

Save your health get online plants buy for indoor

Whether it’s our homes or office the indoors hosts the same number of harmful pollutants known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). The outdoors has plants and trees to filter out these pollutants but in the indoors, we are stuck with them and these pose a massive health risk to the residents inside. The best way to get rid of these indoor pollutants is by using indoor plants. These plants filter out these harmful VOC and increase the air quality of your indoors and surroundings. So, get your indoor online plants nursery from us. To buy online plants indoor contact us we will guide you every step of the way.

The Perfect Gift for your perfect child

We are a family-owned business and we appreciate tradition and family values. These days parents are working from home and kids are learning from home as well. In a way, families get to spend more time with each other. It is important to teach kids good moral values from a young age. So, for your child’s upcoming birthday gift them online nursery plants. Help them grow and nourish their plants. It would be a fun family activity and we appreciate families spending time with each other. Our online plants nursery has different varieties and options for you to choose so get your online plants nursery from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Plants available in Santhi Online plants?

Please check our categories on our Website:

To Get Know about Flower Plants Click Here!

To Get Know about Fruit Plantsz Click Here!

To Get to Know about Herbal Plants Click Here!

To Get to Know about Tree Plants Click Here!

To Get Know about Croton Plants Click Here!

To Get Know about Indoor Plants Click Here!

What is the rate of the plants?

Every Plant may differ in rate Starting from  ₹20 to ₹699

What are the Payment Methods?

You can pay through credit cards/net banking like Phonepe, Gray, Paytm.

How can you transport the plants to me?

We use reliable courier partners such as BlueDart, DTDC, ST, and India Post courier.

When can I expect to get it delivered once I order the plants?

Once Your Order is Dispatched, you will receive it within 2 to 5 days.

Do you have Only Plants?

We sell only plants for now. We are planning to sell plants with pots too. Plants rooted in cocopeat act as a fertilizer & Nano paper which will be the biodegradable material.

How much will it cost for Shipping?

Nursery plant online charge 100 Rs for Shipping all over India.

Free Shipping for Organic Pot Mix.

Share with me the image of the nursery plants?

Please refer to the image on our Website

Did you have Organic Pot Mix and what's in it?

Soilless Organic Pot Mix made up of:

Coco peat (தேங்காய் நார்)

Vermicompost (மண் புழு உரம்)

Cow manure (மாடு சாணம்)

Goat manure (ஆட்டு சாணம்)

Neem cake (வேப்பம் புண்ணாக்கு)

Neem oil (வேப்ப எண்ணெய்)

Groundnut cake (நிலக்கடலை புண்ணாக்கு)

Panchagavya (பஞ்சகவ்வியம்)

Is Cash on delivery available?

Cash on delivery is not available for now.

Some of the Plants are out of stock, when will we expect this?

Click the subscribe button to get notifications about the stocks on our website.

What are the combo offers available?

Combo 1 : 15 plants 🎋 225 Rs 

Combo 2 : 20 plants 🎋 300 Rs 

Combo 3 : 30 plants 🎋 400 Rs 

Combo 4:  20 Plants 🎋 325Rs

In case If plants get Damaged, what to do next?

Please Take a picture of the damaged plants and send the picture to this number, After that, we will provide a replacement or refund If it’s valid.

Does all the plants rate @ 20 Rs?

No, Some plants may differ in rate based on the Plant Variety. Please do Compare with other Website Plants rate with us, you will feel the better difference.

To get More Information Please Contact?

Can I buy plants online?

Yes, you can buy plants and trees online.

Where to buy plants online?

We are glad to inform you that you can buy online plants from us. Kindly visit to buy plants online.

Can I buy nursery plants online?

Yes, you can buy nursery plants online from us. Please visit to buy online nursery plants and nursery trees.

Why buy plants online?

Because buying plants online is very convenient, simple, and easy to use. It gives customers the option to buy our products anywhere around the world. You get to see all our products, offerings, and our affordable prices in one single place. The whole process is simple, transparent, and very effective. Buying online plants nursery helps the customers vastly as they don’t need to go to the physical location of the store in times of lockdown and the ongoing pandemic.

Is it safe to buy plants online?

Yes, buying plants online is the safest and most efficient way. Buying online eliminates the need for the customer’s physical presence thereby protecting the customer's exposure from outside elements. We deliver our products in perfect condition as we employ the latest techniques and safety measures in our shipping process that are very effective and safe.

How to buy plants online?

Kindly visit to buy online plants and trees. Please choose the online plant or online tree of your choice, add it to your cart, and proceed to checkout. Please select your preferred mode of payment and proceed.

How can I contact you for any queries?

For any product-related queries kindly contact us through:

Phone: +91 63844 11222

E-mail: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +91 63844 11222

I am interested in gardening but don’t know where to start and what product to choose, can you help me?
Yes, we can help you. We have many tutorials and product-related videos on our YouTube channel - Santhi Online Plants.
We have covered all the basics and added many product-related videos. Please go check it out and have a fun experience.

What kind of plants do you sell?

We have several different types of plants ranging from flower plants, herbal plants, vegetable plants, croton plants, fruit plants, online indoor plants, and online nursery plants. We offer both plants and tree varieties from nursery stage to plant stage and choose the one that best fits your needs.

I have a small apartment, is it possible for me to grow plants nursery online?

Yes, it is possible. You can choose our online indoor plants that you can put in a pot. It is very compact and versatile which you can put on a balcony, deck, window, or even on your desk which helps in improving the air quality of your surroundings.

Do I need to constantly monitor my plants nursery online?

No, you don’t need to monitor the plants constantly whether it’s our plant nursery online, online nursery plants, or our online indoor plants. They can grow well with very little care, provided they are watered and have access to sunlight as per the individual plant’s need.

Do you use any chemicals on your plants nursery online?

No, we use 100% natural and organic methods to grow our plants nursery online.

Do you have any medicinal plants nursery online?

Yes, we have many herbal plants like Thuthuvalai, Karpura Valli, and Holy Basil that have been used in ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Kindly check out our online herbal plants on our website.