Madagascar Periwinkle Pink Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
Madagascar Periwinkle Pink Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Madagascar Periwinkle Pink Plant

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Light: Madagascar Periwinkle thrives in full sun, as long as it is well-watered. Plants that do not get enough light will grow tall and leggy, with few blooms. Moving it outdoors for the summer may be just the solution.

Water: Water thoroughly and often to keep soil evenly moist.

  • Bright light with some direct sun will encourage good flowering.
  • Moderate warmth with a minimum temperature of about 60°F/16°C.
  • Keep the soil moist throughout the flowering period and mist the leaves occasionally.
  • Apply a standard liquid fertilizer every 10 to 14 days.

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Nowadays, Madagascar Periwinkle plants are an important source of the drugs vinblastine and vincristine.

And people use them to treat various types of cancer.

The flowers produced by Madagascar Periwinkle plants are highly attractive to many species of pollinators like butterflies and moths.

Thanks to their easy-going style and large color palette, they make for great companions to plants like Dracaena Spikes, Dusty Miller, Lobelia, or other Catharanthus species.

Madagascar Periwinkles grow at a pretty fast pace, so they require repotting once every six to eight weeks to thrive. When repotting, always choose a container that is one size larger than the current one.

During their blooming period, these plants will benefit from regular fertilizing. However, too much fertilizer will result in showy foliage, but fewer flowers.

Height – 10 to 20 in (0.25 to 0.5 m) Exposure – full sun Soil – well-drained Foliage – evergreen (in warm climates) Flowering – May to October-November

2 reviews for Madagascar Periwinkle Pink Plant

  1. Saranya Karunagaran

    Plants are healthy condition .

  2. Shanmugam Ramasamy

    குறுகிய காலத்தில் ஆபாரவளர்ச்சிகள். நன்றி

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