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Acacia Auriculiformis-earleaf Acacia - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Acacia Auriculiformis-earleaf Acacia

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Buy the best canopy plant Acacia auriculiformis from our website. This tree gives attractive, long yellow flowers. Get the plants online at the very lowest cost. And make the garden pleasant by growing more plants & trees.

Plant features: Prominent Ornamental tree plant

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Acacia Auriculiformis-earleaf Acacia


Buy the Acacia Auriculiformis-Ear Leaf Acacia plant from our Santhi online plants nursery website. These earleaf Acacia plants are evergreen compact multi-stemmed compact trees. The acacia tree leaves alternate, simple, flattened blade-like phyllodes, 11–20 cm (5–8 in) long, with 3–7 main parallel veins. Flowers of earleaf acacia have numerous free stamens and are mimosa-like in appearance, borne in loose clusters at the stem tips or in leaf axils. Buy the various tree plants from our online garden store and make your garden green & beautiful.


Plant details 

Common Name: Earleaf Acacia

Scientific Name : Acacia auriculiformis

Family: Fabaceae

Plant Height: 5 to 8 inches

Purpose: Ornamental tree


Earleaf Acacia Name in other Languages

Tamil: கத்தி சவுக்கு

Hindi : एकेसिया ऑरिक्यूलीफॉर्मिस 


Plant Care for Earleaf Acacia

Soil: This Acacia auriculiformis well-drained sandy or loamy soil with neutral or acidic pH

Watering: This Acacia tree plant requires only moderate watering

Sunlight: Acacia auriculiformis enjoys direct sun light of about 6-7 hours with some partial shade

Feed: Apply feed during the juvenile stage of this tree plant. We recommend applying any organic fertilizer monthly once around the plants.

Repotting: Once the plant matures & doubles in size needs repotting.Repot the plants to new pots.


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