Star Jasmine (Colour Kagattan) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
Star Jasmine (Colour Kagattan) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Star Jasmine (Colour Kagattan)

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Family: Oleaceae

common name: star jasmine

Origin:  IndiaNepalBhutanLaosBurmaThailand, and Vietnam

Scientific Name: Jasminum multiflorum

Height: 10 to 15 feet

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Star Jasmine (Colour Kagattan)

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Star jasmine, sometimes known as Southern jasmine, has a similar appearance but is not a true jasmine. The quickly growing vine looks great climbing a huge balcony, fence, or extremely large ladder. Jasmine can also be pruned as a shrub near the house or a walk in the landscape to enjoy its powerful aroma while watching hummingbirds and butterflies visit the flowers.

The strong aroma of the delicately fragrant jasmine bloom may fill a room or a garden. Although jasmine is typically planted as an outdoor vine, several kinds can also be grown indoors. There is some dispute about which kind of jasmine is aromatic compared to star jasmine. Evenings and mornings are when the blossoms are most fragrant.



Increase watering during periods of high heat or dryness, but let the soil dry between waterings. Container plants may need to be watered multiple times per week. Apply water when the top inch of the soil becomes dry.

Full sun is preferable to moderate shade for all jasmines. Warm, sunny, and sheltered planting conditions are good.

They thrive in regular, well-drained garden soil with reasonable fertility and moisture levels.

Fall is the optimum time to grow containerized plants.

Jasmine must be supported on an arbour or trellis if planted as a twining vine.

Jasmine can become leggy and semi-vining as a shrub; thus, it needs regular pruning. As a lanky, semi-vining shrub, common jasmine grows to a height of 10 to 15 feet, growing 12 to 24 inches every year. Winter jasmine shrubs can reach a height of 4 feet and a width of 7 feet.

If you’re planning to use jasmine as a shrub border, give it at least 8 feet.

Water is beneficial to jasmine plants. The soil should be slightly damp but not waterlogged at all times.

Fertilize Jasmine twice a year with potassium and phosphorus-rich fertiliser. Liquid fertiliser can be fed to the plant every few weeks during the spring and summer growing seasons.

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