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About Us

Santhi Online Plants

Sri. Panner Selvam was born in an ordinary agricultural laborer family. Though keen on education, his economic conditions did not permit him to pursue education. So he worked as an agricultural laborer since childhood. Hard work and sincerity helped him to progress from an agricultural laborer to a tenant farmer and a producer of quality flowers and vegetables. Quality consciousness was the biggest hallmark of Santhi Clonal Nursery and the same was the driving spirit that made this man supplier of quality plants to farmers. With high perseverance and the help of flower merchants he slowly progressed into an independent farmer and started Santhi Clonal Nursery in the year 1998.


High Yields and better quality wood mean lower per-unit production cost and very high net returns when compared to conventional seeds route plantation.

Advantage of Clone

Uniform Growth.

Clones Yield 2 or 3 times more wood than seedlings per unit area.


High yields.

Excellent quality


Mr. P. Sakthivel M.E.

We have a team of efficient professionals who work dedicatedly to attain organizational goal. Our professionals are highly trained and experienced in designing and decorating the gardens and landscapes. Well-versed with the basics of Horticulture, our professionals provide quality services to our customers.

our staff are here to offer you unmatched expertise, and unbeatable service. Whether it’s plants for your garden, or materials for your Nursery, we have team members with the knowledge and experience.

Our workforce assists us in our entire work in terms of understanding the client requirement and providing consultancy services accordingly.  Apart from this, our team of skilled members easily adapts the latest changes takes that takes place in the market in terms of techniques used in the cultivation process.

Nursery Awards And Recognition

We have received Intellectual Property Rights for IFGTB – CJ9, CH1, CH5

We have been awarded Young Nurserymen by Honorable Gagandeep Singh Bedi (Agricultural Production Commissioner and Principal Secretary to Government) from Indian Nurserymen Association.

We have been recognized and awarded for producing quality plants from the Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, Coimbatore.

Mr. P Sakthivel M E of Santhi Clonal Nursery has been elected as a Member of the governing body in the Indian Nurserymen Association.

Santhi Online Plants

In history, we Indians have always worshiped trees as God, and having trees in houses played an eternal part of our lives. Our forefathers have always believed the practice of gifting trees to be auspicious. However, over a period of time, these practices faded. We the Santhi Online Plants envisage reviving this practice by making various plants of both medicinal and ornamental value available to people of all classes. Having understood the impact of plastics we Santhi Online Plants have ensured that we have used only biodegradable products for the growth of the plants.


Santhi Clonal Nursery envisions a healthy India in the future which can avoid fighting climate change by creating a greener Bharath now.


To work toward an equitable food system by ensuring access to garden space and healthy food, and by educating beginning farmers and gardeners of all ages.