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Malabar Nut Plant-Adathodai - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Malabar Nut Plant-Adathodai

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The soil can be a garden substrate with coarse sand that contains abundant organic matter.

Water frequently (never overwater) so that the substrate does not dry out completely; reduce watering in winter.

Prune intensively after flowering to strengthen the plant.

Fertilize with manure or compost at the time of pruning.

They are plants quite resistant to pests; they can suffer root rot if overwatered.

They propagate from seeds sown in late winter or by cuttings in late summer or spring.

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Malabar Nut Plant-Adathodai

Buy Malabar Nut Plant-Adathodai plant from Santhi online plants nursery website.

They are elegant, erect, evergreen shrubs that can reach 4 meters in height. The large leaves (up to 20 cm in length) are lanceolate in shape and are of a lustrous deep green color. They produce terminal spikes of scented white flowers with purple lines. They can bloom in spring, late summer, and fall.

It is a fast-growing plant. Used on borders, in bushy groups, as isolated specimens, and in large pots. They have medicinal properties as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and cure for skin disease.

Adathodai Justice needs a semi-shadow; the direct sun can burn leaves. They do not resist cold below 5 ºC.

  • Act as a tonic for the respiratory and circulatory systems.
  • It helps to extract extra mucous from the respiratory tract which usually has debris or dead tissues.
  • Malabar Nut helps in the improvement of tightness of the chest due to extra mucous in the chest.
  • Control the blood loss that may be passed with cough or with stool.
  • Reduce the pain in the flanks.
  • It will help in the formation of healthy Dhatus (body tissues).
  • Helps to reduce the burning sensation of urine.

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    good condition

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    Excellent green live plants👍

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    They look excellent and much larger/greener than expected for the time of year – it must be warmer in Devon than here!

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