Tree plants

Tree Planting:

buy Tree plants online are a lifelong investment.

Many tree varieties live for tens or even hundreds of years,

and they tend to live longer than most other types of plants.

Trees are also different from many other plants in the following ways:

  • Trees typically have a permanently woody stem or trunk.
  • Most trees grow to a considerable height, usually bearing lateral branches at some distance from the ground.
  • The major reason trees can grow so big is their ability to create woody tissue as they grow. This process is called secondary plant growth. Wood contains a chemical called lignin. The social benefits of trees go beyond enjoying their beauty. Humans feel a calming effect from being near trees. Trees provide privacy, accentuate views, reduce noise and glare, and even enhance architecture.
  • Trees alter the environment we live in by moderating climate, improving air quality, reducing stormwater runoff, and harboring wildlife.
  • Leaves filter the air we breathe by removing dust and other particulates and releasing oxygen.
  • Tree selection and placement are two of the most important decisions a homeowner makes when landscaping a new home or replacing a tree. Many trees have the potential to outlive those who plant them, so the impact of this decision can last a lifetime. Matching the tree to the site benefits both the tree and the homeowner.
  •  Street trees also improve the overall appearance and quality of life in a city or neighborhood.
  • A high-quality tree, when planted and cared for correctly, may become a long-lasting asset to your property.

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  • Sale! Aegle Marmelos-Kasi Vilvam

    Aegle Marmelos-Kasi Vilvam

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    Jamun Fruit (Naval Maram)

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  • Sale! Kadamba plant

    Kadamba Tree

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    Kumizh-Gmelina Arborea Tree (White Teak)

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  • Sale! Casuarina plant-Savukku Maram

    Casuarina plant-Savukku Maram

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  • Sale! Lakshmi tree-Simarouba Glauca

    Lakshmi tree-Simarouba Glauca

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    Silver Oak Plant

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    Teak plant

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