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Variegated Crepe Jasmine-Nanthiya Vattai - Online Plants Nursery

Variegated Crepe Jasmine-Nanthiya Vattai

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Variegated Crepe Jasmine is an evergreen shrub that grows to a height of 6 to 8 feet and has a similar spread. It has a rounded shape, is well-branch, and grows at a moderate rate. The leaves are evergreen, oblong-shaped, simple, glossy, opposite in arrangement and medium green in colour with creamy variegation. You can buy seeds online.

Name: Variegated Crepe Jasmine

Scientific name: Tabernaemontana divaricata

Origin: India

Height: 6 to 8 feet

Family: Apocynaceae

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Variegated Crepe Jasmine

Buy Variegated Crepe Jasmine-Nanthiya Vattai Plant online from Santhi online plants nursery website.

When this tropical shrub blooms in the late spring and early summer, it emits a lovely aroma that fills the yard. This plant is perfect for hedges, windscreens, or privacy because of its thick leaves and excellent growth shape. It’s no surprise that we receive so many requests for this beautiful tropical because it’s so easy to cultivate. Suitable for use in a container on the deck or patio and a tiny urban garden, online plant shopping is also available.


  • They are useful for Ayurveda in India and other Southeast Asian countries for medical purposes.
  • It allows water to evaporate from the pot’s sides, decreasing the danger of root rot.
  • It’s a plant that lives for a long time.


Crepe Jasmines, also known as variegated Crepe Jasmines, are easy-to-grow blooming plants that yield sweetly fragrant flowers all summer. In a container or the ground, They provide any outdoor area, garden, or patio with a tropical feel. A containerized Crepe Jasmine can be moved indoors for the winter months in colder climates. Place your new plant in a bucket with approximately half-inch water in the bottom and move it to a shaded spot, keeping it wet. You’ll have plenty of time to choose the perfect place for your new Variegated Crepe Jasmine. You can buy plants online.

4 reviews for Variegated Crepe Jasmine-Nanthiya Vattai

  1. Priyanga

    Happy for variegated crape Jasmine.Grows excellent

  2. Jisha .


  3. joyfullachu (verified owner)

    Super plant

  4. Saranya Karunagaran

    I am very happy to buy all the healthy plants

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