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Mahogany Tree - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Mahogany Tree

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The mahogany tree plant is a good house plant with high-yielding wood & fruits. This plant is categorized under tree & fruit plants.

  • COMMON NAME: Mahogany 
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Swietenia mahagoni 
  • FAMILY:  Meliaceae
  • SOIL: Well-drained soil with good nutrients
  • ORIGIN: South America & Mexico
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 5 to 8 inches

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Mahogany Tree

Buy the Mahogany tree plant from our Santhi online plant nursery website. This mahogany tree fruit is often called ‘sky fruit’ which contains hard capsules where the fruit grows upwards & those fruits are not edible by nature. Mahogany tree in India are grown over all parts of India. 

FERTILIZER:  Application of bio-npk at the required quantity around the plants.

PROPAGATION: Usually done through seeds.

PRUNING: Remove the dead & damaged branches using pruning shears for smaller branches & use pruning saws for larger branches.


  • This plant has the most durable woods resistant to moisture, temperature, termites & other related.
  • It takes about 20 years to provide good quality mahogany tree wood.
  • The mahogany tree in India is the most popular among the hardwood trees.
  •  Leaves used for mulching & potting mix.


  • This plant requires well-drained sandy loam soil
  • Avoid placing the plants in clay soil.
  • And also this plant grown in cocopeat potting mix.
  • It requires watering weekly once.
  • This plant requires direct sunlight for about 6-8 hours.
  • But at the initial stage tree requires frequent watering & even moisture. 
  • It is one of the easy to care houseplant & tree crop.

Harvest: 12-15 years after planting.Good timber yielding tree.

Yield: Gives 32000 cubic feet of stem timber

Precaution : Not to eat Mahogany tree fruit


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