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Mahogany Tree - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Mahogany Tree

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The mahogany tree is an evergreen tree native to South Asia. They symbolize beauty and love. The mahogany tree is used in furniture making and has high commercial values.

Name: It is also known as the Indian cedar, Australian red cedar, Burma cedar, Moulmein cedar, or Indian mahogany.

Scientific name: Toona ciliata

Origin: Originated from South Asia

Height: Plants can grow up to 60 meters

Family: Meliaceae

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Mahogany Tree price in India

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The mahogany tree is an evergreen tree. It is native to the Indian subcontinent. It is fast-growing and has large trunks. And it thrives in high light levels. The tree can grow up to 60 meters. And its trunk girth can reach up to 3 meters. Moreover, it has large branches that can create a spreading crown. We offer plants from our state-of-the-art online nursery for plants. Hence, we recommend you to buy an online plant from us.

Firstly, they produced red-colored timbers often, called Redwood. And they are highly valued and sought after. Secondly, they grow well in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Due to deforestation, these trees are now rare. Thus, increasing its value even further.

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  • Firstly, they produce red-colored timber called Redwood.
  • Redwood is very beautiful and is most sought after.
  • Secondly, they are easy to work with and highly versatile.
  • And, they are used extensively in furniture making and construction.
  • In addition, they are also used in shipbuilding.
  • Similarly, they grow pretty well in tropics and areas with high light levels.
  • Thus, it is perfect for Indian climates as it is full of sunlight.
  • Due to deforestation, it is now considered very rare. Thus, increasing its value even further
  • Moreover, it has high commercial demand and is excellent for plantations.
  • Finally, they are fast-growing and are used as shade trees.

This tree has many ornamental and commercial benefits, which is why it’s in high demand these days. We grow our plants using natural and organic methods. And, we offer high-quality plants and products. Therefore, we are the best online nursery plants store in India.


Firstly, This requires very little maintenance. Secondly, water it when the soil seems dry. And allow it to drain thoroughly. We offer an Organic Potting mix that boosts the plant’s growth. And, makes it more resilient in fighting diseases. To learn more, kindly check out our plant nursery online.

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  1. sundar

    I just received the plants.
    It’s Beautiful.
    I’m so Happy.
    Thank you so much. I’ll definitely order again.

  2. Pavankumarreddy

    Is it fruit

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