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Mussaenda Yellow Mini - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Mussaenda Yellow Mini

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The plant can grow well in the indoor environment, but it is advised that the plant should be grown in the area which receives proper sunlight.


  • To reduce the toxic contents of fertilizers, it should be mixed with water whenever applied
  • Try to use organic fertilizers to ensure no chemical degrades plant quality

Watering Tip:

  • To keep the plant intact, watering should be done when the plant container or soil has dried

Mussaenda Yellow Plant Seasonal Watering Requirement: 

  • Watering frequency should be regulated. It should be done more often during summers and should be gradually reduced during winters and rainy seasons

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It is a shrub or small tree, 2-3 m high. Leaves are opposite, broad-ovate, with short-pointed tips, dark green and glossy. Mussaenda Yellow Mini are evergreens in the Rubiaceae family that blooms year around.

Mussaenda Yellow Mini is an evergreen plant that belongs to the family Rubiaceae. Due to its use in every Indian household people often consider it wise to grow indoors and in kitchen carries and lawns. Place the Mussaenda roots into the hole and backfill with the soil that was removed from the hole. Water it generously to settle the dirt around the roots. Add more backfill soil on top if it settles below the surrounding ground level. Sprinkle slow-release balanced complete fertilizer granules around the bush six to eight weeks after planting, when it begins to grow new leaves.

Therefore, It is a great houseplant and you can put it in the container also. Its ‘Queen Sirikit’ variety produces pale yellow to white flowers with red centers and pink brats.

Some individual flowers in each cluster will develop a large sepal, which provides real decorative performance. It’s oval and bright green leaves are approximately 6 “long.

So, one can also find Mussaenda lutea Plants online at affordable ranges and of good quality!


Mussaenda  Yellow Plant Facts:

  • However, This plant is native to Southern India, China and Africa

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