Allahabad Safeda Guava plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
Allahabad Safeda Guava plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Allahabad Safeda Guava plant


Safeda Guava is a tropical and subtropical fruit that thrives in our country. It has a strong tree that bears a lot of fruit in almost any type of soil. The Allahabad Safeda cultivar has small, spherical fruits. This plant can be purchased through an online plant nursery.

Name: Allahabad Safeda Guava

Scientific name: Psidium guajava

Origin: India

Height: Up to 30 feet tall

Family: Myrtaceae

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Allahabad Safeda Guava plant

Buy Allahabad Safeda Guava plants in India from Santhi’s online plant nursery

The skin of the fruit is extremely delicate, and the flesh is white with few seeds. Allahabad Safeda, together with Sardar, owns the lion’s share of the Indian industry. Guava demand, on the other hand, is steadily expanding in both domestic and international markets.

With a heavy fanning type and level crown, this variety’s tree is a strong, spreading, and prolific bearer. Fruits are often enormous and circular, with primrose yellow skin, delicate white flesh, a huge number of seeds, and a firmer texture than Allahabad preserved.

Both varieties are high-quality, have a large yielding capacity, and are well-known over the world. This Allahabad Safeda guava plant is available for purchase through an online plant store. In the Myrtaceae family, the Allahabad Safeda Guava plant will find in an online nursery.


  • The Allahabad Safeda guava plant is the most well-known and sought-after of all the guava varieties available.
  • It’s appropriate for both the dining room and the kitchen. A tree of this kind grows tall with an upright growth style.
  • Furthermore, this type of tree’s long shoots clothed in dense foliage bears a huge quantity of fruits.
  • The crown of the tree is broad and dense, with a dome-shaped appearance. The Allahabad Safeda cultivar has small, spherical fruits.
  • The skin of the fruit is extremely delicate, and the flesh is white with few seeds. The smoothness of the skin, as well as its absence of origin, contribute to its high quality.


  • Do not feed guava trees from late fall to mid-winter.
  • Once-a-month fertilization practice can be recommended for new plants throughout the first year when the plant displays signs of new development.
  • Guava can grow in both humid and dry climates, with a preferred temperature range of 68 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. This online plant business accepts orders.
  • USDA zones 9 through 12 are suitable for growing guava. When growing given, frost or cold temperatures might cause it to flourish.
  • Guava is susceptible to frost, yet it can survive temperatures as low as 29 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Guava should be cultivated in full sun, however, in arid places, it should be grown in partial shade or shaded from the midday sun.
  • Allahabad Safeda guava plant can be grown in well-drained, compost-rich soil. It is not a good idea to plant guava in low regions where cold air and cross can settle. Plants can be purchased at cheap plants online.


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