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Super Star Croton Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Super Star Croton Plant

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Super Star croton plants are excellent houseplants with good green yellow veined plants. This plant is categorized under crotons, ornamental & indoor plants. 

COMMON NAME: Super Star croton

SCIENTIFIC NAME:Coediaeum variegatum 

FAMILY: Euphorbiaceae

SOIL: Prefers to grow in well drained soil of acidic pH

PLANT TYPE: Woody perennial

ORIGIN: Malaysia

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Super Star Croton Plant

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One of the boldest houseplants around, you can’t miss crotons because of their colorful foliage. Often boldly marked with bright yellow, orange, red, and even black, crotons are perfect for adding a tropical touch to indoor decor. They’re particularly eye-catching in bright dining rooms and living rooms where their foliage helps energize a room.

Boost croton’s appeal even more by growing yours in a colorful pot that accents the brilliantly colored foliage.

Croton Questions?
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Croton Growing Instructions

Grow crotons in a bright spot: They like lots of light to produce all those colorful leaves. If your croton doesn’t get enough light, you might find the plant grows tall and lanky, with few leaves that don’t have deep, rich hues.

Water crotons when the soil starts to dry. They’re not as thirsty as many other common houseplants but will drop leaves if they stay too wet or too dry for extended periods.

Like most houseplants, they also appreciate abundant humidity. You can boost humidity for your croton by growing it in a well-lit kitchen or bathroom, placing a small humidifier nearby, or grouping it nearby other houseplants.

Fertilize croton in spring and summer to keep it healthy and growing. Crotons only need fertilizer once or twice during the season, but you can get them to grow faster by fertilizing them more frequently. Follow the directions on the fertilizer package whenever feeding your plants.

Special Care

Crotons make for fun container plants in the North, boldly accenting other favorites such as lantana and angelonia. In warm-winter climates that don’t see frost, crotons grow as lively landscape shrubs. They’re often used as dramatic hedges or bold focal points in the yard. They do best in full sun or partial shade.

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