Hanging Pedilanthus-(Curly Leaves Variegated) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Hanging Pedilanthus-(Curly Leaves Variegated) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Hanging Pedilanthus-(Curly Leaves Variegated)

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Buy the beautiful Pedilanthus tithymaloides curly pink leaves plant which elevates your environment good looking & green fresh. The pedilanthus plants are hardy succulent & which are long lived plants.



Plant Feature: Long lived hanging cum succulent plant.


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Hanging Pedilanthus-(Curly Leaves Variegated)


Buy the Hanging Pedilanthus – (Curly leaves variegated) from our Santhi online plant nursery website.This pedilanthus devil’s backbone is unusual succulent grows erect and has fleshy, dark green leaves that are arranged oppositely in pairs. This plant looks like a ladder and reaches a height of 8 feet.Leaves are oval, slightly glossy, variegated, medium green, and white edged. You can buy different types of pedilanthus plants online from us.




1.This Hanging pedilanthus curly leaves variegated are best ornamental & indoor decoration plant

2. The devil’s back bone plant is long lived low maintenance succulent plants.


Plant Care for Hanging Pedilanthus


Soil : This Devils backbone plant thrives well in well drained soil or coco peat potting mix.

Sunlight: This plant needs direct sun light of about 4-5 hours.

Water : Water the devil’s backbone plant only when top inches of soil dries. Not to allow stagnent standing water.

Fertilizer: Application groundnut cake powder monthly once around the Hanging Pedilanthus-(Curly Leaves Variegated) to encourage the good foliage.


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  1. Priyanga

    Lovely hanging plant.

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