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Golden Fern Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Golden Fern Plant


The Golden Fern plant is an excellent houseplant with attractive medium green coloured sharp leaves. This plant is categorized under the hanging plant, air purifier plant, ornamental, and indoor plant. 

  • COMMON NAME: Golden Fern plant
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Phlebodium aureum
  • FAMILY: Polypodiaceae
  • SOIL: Grows well in good drainage moist soil 
  • PLANT TYPE: Fern
  • ORIGIN: South America

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Golden Fern Plant

Buy Golden Fern plants from Santhi online plant nursery website. This is an evergreen plant with attractive foliage. The plant grows from a rhizome which is about 8-15 mm in diameter & densely covered with a golden-brown scale so the plant is named a golden fern. Leaves are large and deeply-lobed about 30-130 cm long, 10-50 cm broad, and have undulate margins. You can buy this plant from our online plant shopping and grow good plants around you.

FERTILIZER: Apply any bulky organic manure like vermicompost, or tree leaf compost once in 4 months. You can purchase from our online garden store and grow healthy plants. 

PROPAGATION: Done through runners with a base of the plant after propagating keep the plant in shade for 2 days.

REPOTTING: Repotting is done when the plants are overcrowded and roots are poked out of the soil. Divide the plant with root mass carefully by using a sharp knife, and place the plants in a new pot of large size compared to the last grown pot. Add nutrient-rich potting mix during repotting and supply water immediately for nutrients to get absorbed by plants. You can buy from our online plant store and make your environment green and fresh.

The best time for pruning is during spring using sharp shears or hand pruning. Trim the old and diseased branches for healthy plants. Pruning in this plant helps to get structure in the plants. We have different plant categories on our website. You can buy various varieties of online plants from us. 


  • This plant removes indoor airborne pollutants like Formaldehyde, CO2, Benzene, Lead, and Trichloroethylene which can be found in paints, furniture, machines, or other electric appliances.
  • It also increases the humidity level by retaining moisture in the air which is the special soothing effect of this plant.
  • Golden Fern plants are ornamental plants and air purifiers; they can be placed both in offices, and homes & also used for landscaping purposes.
  • This plant acts as a ground cover crop in soil by remediating contaminated soil.
  • This type of fern is usually grown in hanging baskets.

Golden Fern hanging plants are the most popular nowadays, we offer these plants at an affordable cost and you can buy the best online plants from us.


  • Place the plant in a hanging pot 50-60 cm wide, size 18 cm, and at least 6 inches deep, fill the hanging pot with the required amount of well-drained soil and potting mix.
  • Water the plants once a week, do not overwater the plants it may lead to root rot. 
  • Golden fern plants can be kept in bright partial sunlight indoors.
  • Apply any liquid organic fertilizer once in 3 months
  • Don’t fertilize the plants often. 

NOTE: Keep the plant in a cool dry place with indirect sunlight.


We grow our plants through natural and organic methods and we provide good healthy plants and the best quality products, which are green and sustainable in nature. Hence we recommend you buy online plants from us and purify your environment with the help of these air purifiers.

Above this, we confidently say that we are the best online plant nursery. To buy any plants and products you can visit our website and choose your favorite one.


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