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Groundnut powder 1 kg - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Groundnut powder 1 kg

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Packing : 1 kg

Groundnut cakes are made from the residual material left after extraction of peanut oil.

It is an organic fertilizer packed with a number of nutrients, it is durable and stays in the soil for a long time as it does not evaporate.

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Groundnut powder 1 kg

Groundnut powder of 1 kg is very good organic manure, with high nitrogen content, which facilitates better growth of crops and plants.

Rich in nitrogen, proteins as well as other minerals and proteins. Groundnut cake is a great fertilizer as it promotes healthy growth of the plant and provides lush, velvety leaves and high yield.

It helps produce porous soil humus and promotes beneficial microbial growth.

Therefore, helps enhance the crop yield as it improves the organic matter content of the soil.

It is useful in improving the soil texture, soil aeration, and the water holding capacity of the soil.

This Groundnut cake fertilizer is suitable for all types of crops.

Application Of Dosages:

  • Don’t apply groundnut powder directly into the soil.
  • Soak the groundnut powder in water
  • In the ratio of 100gm: 1litre of water leave it for 8 hours & then apply it to your plants
  • During this application additionally spread the neem cake powder on the topsoil to prevent from ants.


  • Rich in nitrogen
  • Contains other vitamins & minerals
  • Natural bio-fertilizer
  • Keeps the soil in good condition


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3 reviews for Groundnut powder 1 kg

  1. Priyanga

    Really works good

  2. Sugi

    Great Healthy plants. Thank you

  3. rajesh

    It fastly improves the root growth . really enhances the crop yield . I am a farmer. Thanks for the real original products.

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