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Sanchezia Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Sanchezia Plant

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Sanchezia plant is the beautiful house plant with gold vein co leaves. This plant is categorized under crotons, ornamental & foliage plant.

  • COMMON NAME: Gold vein plant 
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Sanchezia noblis
  • FAMILY: Acanthaceae
  • SOIL: loamy soil of preferably neutral or acidic pH
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 5 to 8 inches

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Sanchezia Plant

Buy Sanchezia plant from Santhi online plant nursery website. This sanchezia croton is semi-woody perennial shrub with strong branches. Leaves are dark green, large, yellow-veined and arranged opposite sides on the stems. Bright yellow tubular flowers are in spike arrangements. Flowers have red bracts from blooming portion. Easy to grow plant with minimum care. You can purchase this croton from our online plant shopping and grow vibrant coloured plants around you.

FERTILIZER: Apply organic fertilizer Vermicompost or old compost for green foliage growth.

PROPAGATION: Done through Stem cutting especially terminal end of the stem.

REPOTTING: Transfer the plants to new pot. For two years once.

PRUNING: Trim the old, diseased plants. Not to over prune the plants.


  • Sanchezia plants are used for screening, interior decorations, hedging and outdoor decoration purposes.
  • Leaves are found to have anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties.

Sanchezia plants are the most popular nowadays, we offer these plants at affordable cost and you can buy best online plants from us.


  • Sanchezia plants require 5-6 inches of the pot to grow.
  • As they are fast growing plants.
  • Use well-drained loamy soil or coco peat potting mix, to protect the plants from disease. 
  • This plant requires regular interval of watering. Make the soil moist not to wet.
  • The sunlight requirement for this plant indirect bright sunlight of about 3-4 hours of sunlight.
  • This plant requires partial shade for healthier growth.
  • In the growing season feed the plant with any organic fertilizer like mustard cake powder or cow manure. 

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TOXICITY: Leaves are toxic to ingest.


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