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Vermicompost -(1 kg) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Vermicompost -(1 kg)

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  • Product weight: 1 KG
  • Color: Dark brown to black
  • Purpose: Used for home gardening, terrace gardening and agriculture fields.

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Vermicompost -(1 kg)

Vermicompost organic fertilizer is the product of the decomposition process using various species of worms, usually red wigglers, white worms & other worms. It is nothing but castings of earthworms. This vermicompost is 100% organic, no chemicals or preservatives added. You can purchase nutrient-rich compost from our Santhi online plant shopping.

Buy Vermicompost organic fertilizer from Santhi online plant nursery website. It is an excellent way of adding beneficial microorganisms, and nutrients to the soil to enrich soil structure & water retention. These worms break down soil and organic matter, so nutrients are immediately available to plants. In addition to that, it enhances plant growth, increases soil aeration, and suppresses weeds, diseases & pests. You can purchase nutrient-rich vermicompost from our online plant store

Vermicompost is the most extensively used fertilizer, we offer natural soil conditioner at the cheapest cost and you can buy the best online organic fertilizer from us.


  • For Potted Plants mix 30-40% vermicompost with garden soil.
  • For existing plants, loosen the soil around the plant, make a 1 inch layer over topsoil & water it immediately.
  • It can also be incorporated into the soil as a base for fruit plants/ trees/ other plants also.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.


  • Keep it away from children and pets.
  • Consult a physician immediately if ingested.


We grow our plants using natural and organic methods and we offer high-quality plants and products, hence we recommend you to buy online plants from us and supply your soil with organic vermicompost for faster growth of plants.

As well, we hopefully say that we are the best online plant nursery. To buy any plants and products you can also visit our website and choose your favorite one.

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    Thanks to Santhi online plants.Really happy for this vermicompost

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