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Dwarf Hybrid Ti Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Dwarf Hybrid Ti Plant

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Dwarf Hybrid Ti Plant

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The plant has flamboyantly colored leaves that range from green to purple and is variegated with vivid pink, yellow, and white purple tones. It may be cultivated both outdoors and indoors, and it is frequently said to bring good fortune. The ti plant is assumed to be native to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands Cordyline Pumilio-‘Dwarf Cabbage Tree’ is one of the tiny Hawaiian Ti plant species. Because of their small size, they’re also known as dwarf cabbage trees. They have a subterranean rhizome as well as a little thin stem above ground.

Ti leaves are broad and narrow, oblong, or lanceolate in shape, with a length of 30-60 centimeters and a width of 8-10 cm. The smooth, lustrous, and flexible green leaves vary in tint depending on the season and region. The underside of the Ti leaf has a noticeable central rib that runs the length of the leaf, and the leaves grow in spiral clusters on the branches. Ti leaves have a slightly grassy flavor and scent when used as a wrap in prepared dishes.


  • In a high-light environment, grow the plant. When cultivated inside, this vibrant houseplant can take direct sunlight on the leaves in most places. Unfortunately, it dislikes low-light areas. When this vibrant plant isn’t given enough light, the leaves lose their variegation and become greener.
  • Deep, fertile, wet, acidic, well-drained soils with abundant organic content are ideal for Ti plants. The pH of the soil should be between 5.5 and 6.5. Ti can be cultivated in full sun or under a shade cloth outside. Light to moderate shade (3000–4500-foot candles) is ideal for growing it.
  • Ti plants should be watered once or twice a week; yet, the soil should never be dry or too moist. You should also make certain that the pot is clean.
  • Ti plants grow quickly, and a medium-sized plant can be grown in four to six weeks.


  • Ti leaves aren’t often ingested, but they’re thought to help relieve muscle tension and chest congestion when boiled and served as tea.
  • In the South Pacific, ti leaves were frequently utilized for medicinal teas, food wrappings, and as a construction material.

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