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Blue Ginger Plant

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A beautiful plant that looks well in pots or a protected location. During the summer and autumn, it is easy to find flowers. Although this plant resembles ginger in appearance and growth, it is not a member of the ginger family. You can buy the best online plants.

Name: Blue Ginger Plant

Scientific name: Alpinia Galanga

Origin: Atlantic Forest (Brazil)

Height: up to 2.4 meters

Family: Ginger

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Blue Ginger

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This unique Brazilian native is not genuine ginger but has striped ginger-like stems and lapis lazuli blue flower spires—the purple undersides of the lustrous, dark-green leaves. From February to October, the blooms have borne in compact spires. With branching cane-like branches and small, rhizomatous roots, this perennial can grow to 2.4 metres tall by 1 metre wide in a clumping form and best online plants at a cheap cost.


  • Iron, salt, and vitamins A and C are all said to be abundant in blue ginger. In addition, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties did also thought to exist in it.
  • It’s also fantastic for your beauty regimen.
  • Blue ginger looks best with other subtropical plants like bamboo, hibiscus, stephanotis.
  • It’s grown for its attractive spotted stems and ample, glossy foliage that’s held horizontally and topped with beautiful blue blooms.


  • During the growth season, apply 15-15-15 fertilizer every couple of months outside.
  • Indoors, follow the package recommendations for using a liquid houseplant fertilizer suited for blooming plants.
  • Between waterings, allow the soil to dry out.
  • For a short length of time, blue ginger may withstand drought.  We are providing the best online plants at a cheap cost.

2 reviews for Blue Ginger Plant

  1. Rashmi

    Ordering online was very easy. It was delivered on time for a birthday gift. Would use this place again. A+++++. Thank you !!!

  2. Rishi

    Absolutely the healthiest and cleanest plants I’ve ever bought I think you’re awesome 🤩

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