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Rosewood Tree


Soils: It occurs in a variety of soils and geological formations but it attains best development in well-drained deep moist soils.


It need naturally grows in climates that receive plenty of sun all year round. Plant it in a sunny spot that gets at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day. The number of sunlight hours needed may fall slightly in winters. This tree is not recommended to be grown in low-light areas.


Your Indian Rosewood tree will thrive when kept in evenly moist soil. These trees require average amounts of water. When grown in the ground, keep them well irrigated to ensure vigorous growth. When in pots, water the plant deeply every time the top few inches of soil dry up.


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If you start growing an Indian rosewood, you’ll find that the trees are not high maintenance. Indian rosewood care won’t take too much of your time. Rosewood is a deep, ruddy brown to purplish-brown color, richly streaked and grained with black resinous layers. It takes a fine polish but because of its resinous nature is difficult to work.

Plant Indian rosewood trees in a full sun area or under high shade. These trees tolerate a vast range of soil types, from very dry to very wet. Provide your tree with adequate irrigation when you plant it, and keep it up until the roots are well established. Prune the tree into a well-formed, single leader tree.

The rosewood trees are very hard, close grained, strong, durable, ornamental and is used for a large number of purposes such as for furniture, paneling, ornamental work, ordinance work, agricultural implements, etc. rosewood is endowed with humus-rich soil. It grows at a slow pace and attains a height of 20 metres and a moderate girth of 200 centimetres over three to four decades. 

It is exported to Europe under the name of rosewood or Bombay blackwood. Wood is also used for making cart wheels, gun carriages.

Climate: Maximum temperature ranges from 38°C to 50°C and minimum temperature ranges from 0°C to 15°C and the annual rainfall ranges from 750mm to 5000mm. 





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