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Mahua Tree (Iluppai maram)

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  • Madhuca Longifolia commonly known as Iluppai Maram in Tamil or the butternut tree is a medium to a large-sized deciduous tree. 
  • Flowers, fruits, and leaves are fresh or dried. 
  • It is usually cooked with flour used as a sweetener and fermented with alcohol.

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Buy Mahua Tree (Iluppai Maram) Plant online from Santhi online plants nursery website.

This plant thrives well on rocky, gravely, saline and sodic soils, even in pockets of soil between crevices of barren rock. The plant has a deep, strong taproot. It has a short, stout trunk, 80 cm in diameter. 

 The bark is yellowish-grey to dark brown, vertically cracked and wrinkled; exfoliating in thin scales, and has a milky substance inside.  It excludes a milky sap when broken. Young leaves are pinkish and woolly underneath.

1 review for Mahua Tree (Iluppai maram)


    Hai, most of our younger generation not known this plant and it’s oil value, because of this reason I brought this for exposure to others, thank you

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