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Radish (Mulangi) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Radish (Mulangi)


Radish plants are perfect houseplants with high-yielding character. This plant is categorized under vegetable & outdoor houseplant.

  •  COMMON NAME: White Radish plant 
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus 
  • FAMILY: Brassicaceae
  • SOIL: Lighter well-drained sandy soil should be rich in organic matter.
  • SUNLIGHT: Requires full sunlight, it can also tolerate partial shade
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 5 to 8 inches.

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 Radish (Mulangi)

 Buy Radish (Mulangi) plants from Santhi online plant nursery website. This is a fast-growing annual vegetable plant with a mild favored napiform root system. White radish is cylindrical, tapering, globular &long sized. The leaves measures about 13 cm long, and the root round up to 2.5 cm. Fleshy Radish should be harvested not to leave the radish in the ground for too long as it may create a bitter taste. You can purchase this vegetable plant from our online garden store and grow more green fresh vegetables on your terrace.

FERTILIZER: Apply any nitrogen-based organic fertilizers. Use organic fertilizers like cow manure or vermicompost to get high-yielding vegetables.

PROPAGATION: Done through seeds.

TRANSPLANTING: No need for often transplanting. The plant grows well in the sown place itself.

SPACING: 15*10 cm spacing is generally adopted.

WEEDING: Regularly remove the weeds.


  • Eating radish promotes good digestion, prevents diabetes, supports heart health, lowers blood pressure, and many.

Radish vegetable plants are essential & in high demand nowadays, we provide these plants at affordable cost and you can buy best online plants from us.


  • Grow radish plants in appropriate-size grow bags or pots.
  • Fill the grow with the required amount of soil and coco-peat potting mix.
  • Radish plant requires water 5-7 times per week.
  •  Use any all-purpose organic fertilizer.

HARVEST: Radish will be ready to harvest after 30-50 days of sowing.

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