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Pinwheel Flower Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Pinwheel Flower Combo

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Crape jasmine Mini X 2

Variegated Crape jasmine X 2

Crape Jasmine Layered X 2

Crape Jasmine Single Medium X 2

Crape Jasmine Double Layered Mini X 2

Variegated Crape Jasmine Layered X 2

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Pinwheel Flower Combo

Buy the Pinwheel Flower combo plants from our Santhi online plant nursery website.This crape jasmine is beautiful combo flower set with ever blooming flowers. This plant combo set  is categorized flower plants ,ornamental & good garden plants.

PROPAGATION: Done through stem cuttings.


All the 6 varieties of pin wheel flowers are excellant graden plant with good looking flowers.

Soil: Prefers to grow well in wide range of soil with porous structure.

Alternately, coco peat potting mix as growrth medium.

Water: Regular keep the soil moist, Not to over water the plants.

Blooming: Usually flower blooms in night time, Seems in single & double layered with pin-wheel shaped pointed edges.

Sunlight: Requires direct sun light of about 6 hours with partial shade.

Fertilizer: Application of organic fertilizer neem oil incase of pest infections.To enhance the soil  fertility  application of vermicompost or cow manure around the soil surface.

Pruning: Trim the old matured & diseased plant parts in non-flowering season.


  • Crape jasmine flowers are fast growing ornamental plant with low miantenance & care.
  • Suitable plant for  all climatic conditions & it is drought tolerent.
  • Most beautiful flower plant has pooja purpose usage.

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