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Ornamental Coleus Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Ornamental Coleus Combo


This combo is designed especially for colorful plant lovers. This combo contains 7 varieties of bright foliage ornamental coleus plants. Grab the offer soon & this combo ends soon.

Ornamental Coleus Combo Plants

  1. Wizard Scarlet (green with pink)
  2. Fairway Mosaic
  3. Vivid Lime Green
  4. Red Velvet
  5. Yellow Ovate
  6. Painted Nettle
  7. Coleus Pink With Green

Note: Plants in this combo are nanocover plants.


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Ornamental Coleus Combo


Buy the ornamental coleus combo plants from our Santhi online plants nursery website. These plants belong to the coleus scutellarioides species and it is evergreen perennial herbs. Each variety has different colored foliage & eye-catching look. You can buy a variety of ornamental plants from our online plant shopping website.


About Coleus Varieties

  1. Wizard Scarlet: Compact, mid-sized foliage plant with upright habit exhibits green with pinkish red leaves.
  2. Fairway Mosaic: Yellow-green leaves speckled with burgundy.
  3. Vivid Lime Green: Its vivid lime green to bright yellow foliage with pink markings is extremely electric.
  4. Red Velvet: This variety is a true wonder to the garden that has bright maroon foliage that appears with a red velvety look.
  5. Yellow Ovate: Ovate leaves with yellow foliage.
  6. Painted Nettle: Burgundy foliage with pink designs.
  7. Giant Exhibition: Large foliage with red leaves & yellow margins.



The coleus scutellarioides plants are the best plants for hedge decorations & border crops.

These are the best ornamental foliage & garden plants.


Plant Care

Soil: This ornamental coleus grows well in well-aerated soil or cocopeat pot mix.

Watering: Water these foliage plants only when the top inches of soil seem dry to the touch.

Sunlight: These garden plants require direct sunlight with partial shade. Sunlight is required for these coleus about 4-5 hours.

Fertilizer: The application of any organic fertilizer monthly once around plants results in the best foliage growth.

Pruning: Trim the matured & overgrown foliage alone.


About Us

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