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Neem Oil 100 ml - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Neem Oil 100 ml

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Packing: 100 ml

Neem oil is great for home use because it’s natural and nontoxic. it’s safe enough to use on plants and herbs that you plan on eating eventually.

Even if your plant is healthy and bug-free, you can apply neem oil every so often as a preventive measure. If you’ve dealt with bugs in the past or live in a warm, humid climate where insects thrive, you may want to get into the habit.

Spray the leaves, stems, and soil with your ready-to-use neem oil spray.


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Neem Oil 100 ml

Neem Oil 100 ml has been an especially prized ingredient in making both traditional and modern neem remedies – from cosmetics to insect repellents.

The main reasons people have started to look into organic gardening and using natural fertilizers and pesticides. Since so many insects eat plants, many of them have developed complex chemical mechanisms to defend themselves.

Spray your solution on the affected plant leaves, but only on one limited part of the plant at first.

so you can watch for any adverse effects for a day. If the plant seems to take the spray well after 24 hours, you can proceed to spray the entire affected area.

You can use the neem oil spray when you need it, or regularly – once per week is a good measure.

Never use your neem oil spray in direct sunlight.

Do not spray your plants in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.

Keep the neem oil and the neem oil spray in a safe place to avoid ingestion by children or pets.

Application Of Dosages:

  • Neem oil has been applied to plants through foliar spraying
  • Add 15-30 ml of neem oil in one liter of water & stir well. It is very essential to add an emulsifier and mix properly.
  • This should be used immediately before the oil droplets start floating.
  • For farmlands, a knapsack sprayer can be used
  • For home garden plants hand sprayer can be used.
  • It can be sprayed all over the plants like the underside of the leaves, upper leaves, stems & roots.


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    Great so far, Great Result Organic Product

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    Fast growing and easy!

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    very healthy plants ! Thank You Team , I use this Fertilizer

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    really excellent insecticide

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