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Perfect Balcony Plants Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Perfect Balcony Plants Combo


Balconies are a splendour in urban areas and using balcony plants to turn them into your favorite place is the best possible way to decorate. Some of the perfect plants for a balcony are the easiest to care are in this combo.


Perfect Balcony Plants include


1. Money Plant

2. Philodendron Oxycardium Green

3. Ixora Red

4. Cordyline

5. Ficus

6. Long pepper – Thipilli

7. Caladium Pink Sword

8. N’joy Money Plant

9. Rose

10. Snake Plant 

11.Carmona microphylla – Fukien Tea Croton

12. Marble Pothos

13. Passion Flower Red

14. Ornamental coleus

15. Ixora Rugmini Red


Note: The above plants are grown in Nano covers with the best rooting.

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Perfect Balcony Plants Combo

Buy the Perfect Balcony Plants combo from our Santhi Online Plants Nursery website. These plants are evergreen with lush green growth. Having these plants makes your environment a relaxing area with nature. Let us create your green balcony with these 15 plants. You can purchase outdoor flowering plants from us.


Benefits of Perfect Balcony Plants Combo


We designed this combo, especially for urban gardeners those who have only a balcony to decorate.

These are the best plants for the balcony.

Most of these are foliage & flowering outdoor plants for the balcony.

By placing these make the green balcony decoration.

An outdoor green space and a cool breeze are provided by the greenery on the sunny terrace.

A lush green plant provides a cooling effect on tired eyes after a hard day’s work.

The fragrance and color of flowering plants add to the beauty of your life and are also good for your physical and mental well-being.



Plant Care 


Soil: These  plants require good aerated soil or coco peat potting mix with organic matter content.

Water: The creeper & climber plants in this combo require watering on alternate days, and the flowering plants require regular watering on summer days.

Sunlight: The outdoor plants for the balcony thrive best in natural light presence at the balcony.

Feed: Application of good manure or compost around the plants monthly once.

Pruning: Prune the plants when necessary to get proper decoration structure.


About Us


We Santhi online plants have 200+ plants online varieties. We use the organic method of plant production by using a cocopeat pot mix & biodegradable nano covers. 

For more details kindly check our website & get your balcony decorated by green beauties.



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