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Terrace Garden Plant Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Terrace Garden Plant Combo

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This combo is specially designed to make your terrace beautiful & attractive with so many varieties at the most reasonable cost. Hurry for your orders. This offer is limited. The plants we selected in this combo are flowering plants, fruit plants, ornamental plants, creepers & hanging plants.


Terrace Garden Combo Plants Include

  1. Allamanda * 1
  2. Royal Jasmine – Getti Malli * 1
  3. Insulin * 1
  4. Crape Jasmine Mini Dwarf * 1
  5. Variegated Crape Jasmine * 1
  6. Ixora light pink * 1
  7. Singapuri Ixora White * 1
  8. Ixora Red * 1
  9. Nerium Hybrid Pink * 1
  10. Nerium Sandal * 1
  11. Nerium White * 1
  12. Kasi vilvam * 1
  13. Bush Clock Laurifolia Blue * 1
  14. Bush Clock Vine White * 1
  15. Aralia Green * 1
  16. Croton Mammy – Colourful Codiaeum *1
  17. Golden Dust Small leaf * 1
  18. Tradescantia Spathacea Green ( hanging plant ) * 1
  19. Chicken Gizzard Aralia * 1
  20. Sanchezia * 1
  21. Jamun * 1
  22. Allahabad Safeda Guava * 1
  23. Arka Kiran Guava * 1
  24. Taiwan Pink Guava * 1
  25. Coleus amboinicus – Karporavalli  Plant * 1 


Note : Plants in this combo are grown in nano covers with healthy rootings.






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Terrace Garden Plant Combo


Buy the Terrace garden plant combo from our Santhi online plants nursery website. These garden plants are year around perennials grows as small trees. Garden plants makes the unused space most beautiful but you have many options but our plants online makes your terrace good looking at affordable cost. You can buy plants live from our online plant shopping  website & get your home good looking by plants.


Benefits of Terrace Garden Plant Combo


This combo contains best plants for home garden.

It is low maintenance and any beginner can grow these plants.

And it is budget & eco-friendly plants.

Additionally these plants have many beneficial values for our day to day life.


Plant Care


Soil : This terrace garden plants grows in wide range of soil. Most of the fruit & flower plants loves to grow in acidic soil or organic pot mix

Watering: Water requirement for this best plants for home garden is when top inches of soil feels dry to touch. Possibly weekly two days once in a week. Water requirement for these plants needs to fullfill the root intake of watering.

Sunlight: All the plant varieties in this combo are sun loving plants.

Feed : Application of all purpose organic fertilizer monthly once around the plants.Water the plants after fertilizer application.

Pest Attack : In case of any pest attack, neem oil spray is recommended for all home terrace garden plants.


About Us


Growing hundreds of plants and flowers make your home terrace garden awesome but its easy to find something to spark your interest. Hence we recommend you to buy plants & products at reasonable cost from us. 

To know more you can kindly visit our website www.santhionlineplants.com & make your garden beautiful. 


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