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Summer Combo All in One - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Summer Combo All in One


The Santhi online plants provide you with a variety of plants for the summer season as this contains all categories of plants that grow best in the summer season & these are drought tolerant & good heat tolerant plants. If you love to start gardening in summer. No worries, here are the best plants for the summer season that grow all around the year.



Summer Combo All-in-One Bags Up

  1. Silver Oak
  2. Barbados Cherry
  3. Ixora Mini Red
  4. Japanese Honey Suckle
  5. Aralia Green
  6. Lemon Plant
  7. Fishbone cactus
  8. Portulaca Yellow
  9. Long pepper – Thippili
  10. Coleus Red
  11. Aglaonema
  12. Brinjal Plant


Note: All the plants in this combo are well-rooted.


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Summer Combo All in One


Buy the Summer combo all in one from our Santhi online plants nursery website. The summer plants are evergreen perennial & some are special summer flowering plants. The plants in this combo are drought-tolerant summer season plants. Get the plants online at a reasonable cost from your doorstep.


Benefits of this combo


The summer season plants are adaptable to a wide range of conditions.

And the summer plants to grow in this combo are beginner-friendly plants.

All of these plants have low maintenance.


Plant Care


Soil: Thrives well at a wide range of soil conditions with drainage capacity.

Watering: Water the summer flowering & other plants in combo regularly, try to keep the plants moist, not to overwater the soil.

Sunlight: These summer season plants thrive well in sunlight for about 5-6 hours. All the plants in this combo require direct sunlight.

Feed: Application of all-purpose organic fertilizer monthly once around the plants.


About Us

We Santhi Online Plants have 260+ plants online and our plant production is through natural & organic methods. We deliver all the plants to your doorstep & our plant delivery is throughout India.

You can more information about plants, kindly check our website & grow summer plants at your home.



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