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Money Plant

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The Money Plant, also known as the Jade Plant, is one of the most well-known and well-liked of the various succulent Crassula used as indoor plants. It is available in online plant shopping. It is a tropical vining plant belonging to the Araceae family from Northern Australia to Southeast Asia.

Name: Money Plant

Scientific name: Epipremnum aureum

Origin: Southeastern Asia

Height: up to 12 feet

Family: Arums

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About Money Plant

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A darling of home gardeners everywhere, the Money Plant Golden is famous for its never give up attitude. This plant can survive neglect and adapt to almost all growing conditions to fill your space with a trailing growth of bright green coloured foliage in no time. An air purifier that can be styled for any space to give it an easy tropical look.

The Money Plant Golden is well-known among home gardeners for its never-say-die attitude. This plant can withstand neglect and adapt to nearly any growing environment, quickly filling your area with a trailing growth of vivid green coloured leaves—an air purifier with a simple tropical appearance that can customize for any space.


  • Growing a money tree plant in the house attracts positive energy, bringing pleasure and success into the home, as well as an increase in  inflow.
  • In addition to Vastu, this plant is also excellent for interior decorating.
  • The money plant not only raises riches but also improves relationships.


This plant does not require a lot of water to be healthy. Allow the soil to dry out a little between watering sessions so you can feel the texture. Then give the plant just enough water to keep it from drowning. And it’ll soon be flourishing in your garden. Keep the plant at room temperature, between 15 and 24 degrees Celsius. You can buy the plant seeds online.

Common Problems

1. Money Plant leaves turning yellow
Too much of direct sunlight or over-watering can lead to yellowing of leaves. They prefer bright to medium indirect light.
2. Why are money tree plant leaves yellowing and wilting?
Overwatering and poor drainage of the pot leads to yellowing and wilting of leaves. Adjust your watering schedule and use a well-drained pot to avoid leaves from dying.

6 reviews for Money Plant

  1. lofy

    Wonderful selection, very healthy plants. Thank you!

  2. Dinesh

    Satisfied with quality and service. Pricing can be lowered to be more competitive


    This seller deserve Applause, for delivering promise…m so happy with beautiful plant condition, packaging and lowest price. Thank you Mr. SAMRUDDHI

  4. aakash

    good plants

  5. Anjali

    Absolutely in love with the product and packaging!!!!!Super sturdy packaging and they have also put gel over the soil to keep it moist.

  6. ram

    surprisingly most of the leaves we’re intact, I guess was packed by someone more dedicated,

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