Long Chilli Plant (Milagaai) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
Long Chilli Plant (Milagaai) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Long Chilli Plant (Milagaai)

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Long chilli peppers have long, thick-walled walls and are fashioned like cow horns, hence the name. They’re big peppers, up to 10 inches long, with thin, curving pods that look like big cayenne pepper. You can buy this plant in an online nursery.
Name: Long Chilli
Scientific name: Capsicum annuum
Origin: Mexico
Height: Up to 60 cm
Family: Solanaceae

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About Long chilli

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Long chillies can grow up to 15 centimetres in length and turn scarlet as they ripen. Angela Wylie is the photographer. Serrano chiles resemble a bird’s eye chilli but have a jalapeno-like rounded end. They are typically eaten raw but can also be pickled or roasted and have the sweet, crisp flesh of Capsicum with the heat of a jalapeno. Of the five domesticated capsicums, this is the most common and widely farmed.

This species includes a wide range of mild and spicy pepper forms and sizes: Bell peppers, jalapenos, New Mexico chile, and cayenne peppers. You can order this plant in online plant delivery. In the warmer parts of the Americas, cultivars descended from the wild American bird pepper can still find Some woody forms of this species.

This plant can label as Capsicum frutescens in the past; however, the characteristics that can use to distinguish those forms can be found in many populations of Capsicum annuum and are not always discernible in Capsicum frutescens species.


  • Green chillies are high in vitamin C, which helps to keep your skin looking young and healthy.
  • Because green chillies are pungent in vitamin C, they can aid digestion.
  • Additionally, foods that produce saliva while chewing helps in proper digestion; consequently, consuming green chillies aids digestion.
  • Because green chilli aids in burning body fat, it aids in weight loss and enhances your body’s metabolism.
  • Should include green chillies in the diet of diabetics since they can assist in controlling blood sugar levels and maintaining body equilibrium.


  • During the growing season, water your chilli plants often, and once the first fruits have set, feed them weekly with high-potash tomato fertiliser.
  • You can buy this plant in an online nursery.
  • To encourage more excellent branching and a more significant yield, pinch out the growing tip of the first flowering shoots. Water regularly but in moderation.
  • Some plants can produce ripe fruit in as little as 60 days after sowing, while others might take up to 120 days.
  • Keep in mind that types like Habaneros might take up to 100 days to mature from when they can plant.
  • As a result, these may begin ahead of time. Otherwise, the fruit will never ripen. Maintain a warm environment for the tray and keep the seed mix moist.
  • Warmer chillies need warmer conditions to germinate.
  • Therefore a mini-greenhouse with a warming mat underneath may be necessary.
  • Avoid overwatering seedlings once they emerge, as they are prone to rotting.
  • You can order this plant in online plant delivery.¬†


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    All received in good condition. Lovely plants and very well packed.

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