The secret of successful gardening is the best quality fertilizer. It includes manure, compost, organic fertilizer & biofertilizer. All our organic fertilizer are safe & eco friendly to the environment.

Vermicompost is the perfect compost for all plants .It is naturally made from organic matter break down. And it is rich in nutrients, promotes soil fertility & additional supplement of plant nutrients.

We offer cow manure & goat manure it’s prepared naturally without any chemicals. It is 100% organic with proper dry processing. Organic manure helps to increase soil porosity thereby breaking down the nutrients and making them available for plants.

Organic fertilizers are completely organic prepared using natural ingredients from our farm. Like neem oil, and many others supply the essential nutrients for plants.

Biofertilizers help the plant’s growth and it has beneficial microbes. Purchase good quality organic fertilizers, compost, biofertilizers, and manures from us.

Organic Fertilizer improves

  • Soil Structure
  • Microbes Thrive
  • Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly
  • Reduce Fertilizers and Pesticides &
  • Plant Damage Threat Avoided.

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