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The Ficus plant is an impressive houseplant, evergreen tree species with bulk foliage. This plant is categorized under crotons, indoor, ornamental & bonsai plants.

  • COMMON NAME: Ficus
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ficus microcarpa 
  • FAMILY: Moraceae
  • SOIL: Grows in a wide variety of soil mostly prefer loamy soil with organic matter.

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Ficus Plant

Buy Ficus plants from Santhi online plant nursery website. This Ficus plant is a tropical evergreen tree with grey barks, and leaves measuring about 5-6 cm, arranged alternately with leathery leaf blades and pointed margins. Ficus flower plants are “false fruit” because they do not look like flowers. As it is, an evergreen tree grows up to the height of 30 meters tall. You can purchase from our online plant store and grow this ornamental plant in your garden area.

FERTILIZER: Apply any organic liquid fertilizer or seaweed extract to enhance plant growth. You can purchase from our online plant shopping and make your plants healthy.

PROPAGATION: Done through seeds or stem cuttings.

REPOTTING:  Repotting can be done one to three years once. Transfer the plant to a large pot where plants can grow in sufficient places. Add any potting mix or manure to encourage fast growth in plants. You can purchase plants online and make your environment green with beautiful ornamental plants.

Pruning and defoliating is essential to growing a decorous bonsai ficus plant. Trim old leaves and weak stems to grow into healthy and bushy plants. We offer various categories of plants online you can purchase from our online plant nursery website and grow healthy plants in your garden area.  


  • Ficus Microcarpa bark is used in the treatment of skin diseases, ulcers, oedema, rheumatism and other skin diseases.
  • This plant is used as a cooling, astringent & anti- bilious in the preparation of ointments and oil for external application in ulcer treatments. 
  • Ficus plants have been used in the treatment of diabetes, burning sensations, leprosy, ulcers, itching, liver disease and toothache.
  • This is used as ornamental indoor bonsai plants can be placed both indoors and outdoor.         

  This Ficus croton is a high requirement nowadays, we offer these plants at an affordable cost and you can buy the best online plants from us.



  • Place the plant in a pot size of 8 to 12 inches, and make sure each container has enough drainage holes.
  • Water the plant two to three days once for 10 days. Reduce watering in the winter season.
  • Plants should be placed in indirect sunlight. Avoid placement in direct sunlight because it can’t withstand too much sunlight.
  • Apply any slow-release fertilizer like seaweed extract to encourage good growth.
  • Avoid fertilizer application in direct sunlight because it may burn the plants.


  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Avoid getting latex on your eyes and skin.

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We produce our plants using natural and organic methods and we offer the best quality plants and products, hence we recommend you to buy plants online from us and get a variety of plants at your doorstep.                        

Above this, we proudly say that we are the best online plant nursery. To buy any plants and products you can visit our website and choose your favourite one.


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