Eranthemum (green) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
Eranthemum (green) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Eranthemum (green)


Eranthemum (Green) is a beautiful plant with white purple dots flowers. These plants are categorized under crotons, flower & ornamental plants.

COMMON NAME: Eranthemum ( green)or Golden Pseuderanthemum

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pseuderanthemum malculatum

FAMILY: Acanthaceae

SOIL: It prefers to grow in moist, fertile well drained soil

PLANT TYPE: Small Tree shrub

ORIGIN: Srilanka

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Eranthemum Green

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Eranthemum Green plant survive for a long time, However, cuttings can renew the plant. It needs shelter from direct sunshine since it enjoys ambient solid light. East and west windows will suit. Cut 5-8 cm long cuttings with two knots in the spring and place them in wet sand with peat beneath a plastic sheet. It is preferable to Kornevinom pre-cut cuts. You can buy plant seeds online.


  • It’s excellent for burns and sunburns, as well as a range of skin ailments;
  • It’s a quick-growing plant with a colourful leaf display that brightens up the space.
  • It is a common plant found in forested regions with numerous health advantages, and it is given as a gift to bring wealth to the receiver.


It requires a lot of watering, and the soil should dry out a little between waterings. It doesn’t matter if the plant is somewhat Podvyanet. In the winter, water just once a week. The soil should be wet but not soggy. This plant is available in online plant shopping.


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