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Oak Leaf Croton Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Oak Leaf Croton Plant

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Scientific Name: Codiaeum Variegatum 

Origin: Southeast Asia

Height: the spread of 5 feet

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Oak Leaf Croton Plant

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Croton Oak Leaf is a sturdy plant with huge, brightly coloured leaves. These plants can grow to be enormous interior house plants with a wide range of tropical colours. With shades of green, purple, yellow, and pink, the beautiful variegated leaves will brighten up your house or garden.

These vibrant plants are simple to grow and maintain. Trim a top cutting with at least six inches of stem, remove the old leaves, and place it in a flower vase near a window. In around 6 weeks, the new cutting will have formed roots and will be ready to pot in a few months.

Croton Oak Leaf’s growth rate is highly dependent on soil type, sunlight, temperature, and other conditions. To minimise transpiration, a few leaves are frequently clipped. They also don’t require much attention. They give a splash of colour to any patio, garden, or outdoor location. In colder climates, a containerized Croton can be brought indoors for the winter.


  • They have numerous other health benefits when grown indoors, such as helping to purify the air you breathe. 
  • Crotons have the same benefit as houseplants in terms of purifying the air in your home. Our indoor air contains much more toxins than the air we breathe outside.
  • Indoor plants can considerably minimise the number of pollutants in our environment.
  • Pollutants are absorbed into their leaves, which are eventually absorbed into the plant’s roots. These poisons are converted into food for the plant.
  • Indoor plants absorb contaminants while simultaneously releasing fresh oxygen into our homes.


  • Maintain an even moisture level in the soil, but allow it to dry between waterings.
  • If your house is dry, spritz the leaves once a week with water or keep a tray of wet stones near the plant. Croton leaves attract dust.
  • Crotons should be exposed to bright light but protected from direct midday sun for optimum colour development. According to Bender, their colour fades in direct sunlight and barely develops in the shade. 
  • Crotons bred for indoor usage require as much light as possible to maintain their colour.


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