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Dracaena Reflexa 'Anita' - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Dracaena Reflexa ‘Anita’


The Dracaena Reflexa ‘Anita’ is a compact houseplant with attractive green foliage. This is categorized under crotons, ornamental, air-purifier & foliage plants

  • COMMON NAME: Dracaena ‘Anita’
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Dracaena reflexa
  • FAMILY: Asparagaceae
  • SOIL: Well-drainage soil rich in organic matter or potting mix
  • ORIGIN: Madagascar
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 5 to 8 inches.

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Dracaena Reflexa ‘Anita’

Buy the Dracaena Reflexa ‘Anita’ plant from our Santhi online plant nursery website. This Dracaena reflexa is the evergreen perennial woody shrub. Dracaena ‘Anita’ leaves have an elegant look those are narrow, arching leaf blades. Dark green leaves have lime-green stripes in the middle of the leaves. This Croton plant is one of the best air purifier plants.

FERTILIZER: Application of any liquid organic fertilizer for two weeks once to encourage healthy plant growth.

PROPAGATION: Done by stem cuttings

REPOTTING: Transfer the plants to a new pot or suitable container when the root grows through drainage holes.

PRUNING: Remove the brown or yellow leaves using your hands. Prune the damaged leaves growing out of the base of the cane.


  • Dracaena Reflexa ‘Anita’this croton plant is best ornamental & air-purifier plant.
  • Placement of this croton plant in both indoor & outdoor environments.

 The Dracaena Reflexa ‘Anita’ plants are the most popular nowadays and in high demand nowadays, we offer these plants at affordable cost and you can buy the best online plants from us.


  • Water the plants at regular intervals. Keep the Croton plants always moist not to be water-logged.
  • This dracaena requires only indirect bright light.
  • Avoid placing plants in direct AC & heat environments. 

Other related plants: Dracaena massangeana fragrans


Don’t ingest the leaves, Keep the plants away from children & pet animals.


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