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Cucumber Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Cucumber Plant

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Buy excellent nutritious cucumber vegetable plants with high-yielding character. This is like offering more varieties of vegetable plants online. You can perfectly prepare your kitchen garden with our vegetable plant saplings.


Plant Speciality – Organic & Native seed vegetable plant

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Cucumber Plant


Buy the Cucumber Vegetable plants from our Santhi Online plants nursery website. This cucumber plant is a tender annual plant with high yielding fruits. Fruits of this cucumis sativus are dark green with light green stripes measuring about 20-25 cm, and 7 weights about 200-250 grams. And also fruits will be uniform in size & last cutting will have more yield. You can buy a variety of vegetable plants online from us.Cucumber benefits are enormous.


First Picking of Cucumber vegetable plant: 40-45 days after planting, picking should be done on alternate days.


Benefits of Cucumber Plant


It is low maintenance vegetable plant

The cucumber plants are perfect ones for a kitchen garden

And this is high yielding vegetable plants with more nutritious values.


Plant Care


Soil: The cumber plant needs sandy loam rich in organic matter with good drainage and a pH range of 6.5-7.5.

Watering: Weekly once water the plants as they are succulent plants.

Sunlight: The cucurbitaceae vegetables thrive best at direct sunlight for 6-8 hours.

Support Structure: Requires trellis or wooden sticks or poles for supporting the cucumis sativus plants.

Fertilizer: Apply neem oil at the required quantity in case of pest attack & application of organic manure for effective fruit setting.


Eating just one cucumber a day can be healthy!!


About Santhi Online Plants

We Santhi online plants sell plants online at a reasonable cost. Our plants are grown in biodegradable nano covers. Vegetables we sell are suitable for kitchen garden. Get plants at your doorstep.

Furthermore, we are one of the best plants nursery in india. For more kindly visit our website & get more plants at affordable cost.


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