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White Cowpea Plant (Vellai Kaaramani)

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It has a light colour and a smooth texture. Cowpea is an annual herbaceous legume that grows in the warm season. Cowpea, commonly a black-eyed pea or southern pea, is a pea family (Fabaceae) annual plant used for its edible legumes. The plants are supposed to have originated in West Africa and are now widely cultivated in warm climates worldwide. Buy this plant on online plant shopping.

Name:  White Cowpea

Scientific name: Cucumis sativus

Origin: Africa

Height: Up to 40 cm

Family: Cucurbitaceae

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About White Cowpea Plant

Buy white cowpea plant online from Santhi online plants nursery website.

The cowpea plant usually is erect, with smooth trifoliate leaves grouped alternately on the stalks and ribbed stems. The plant produces 2–3 seed pods per peduncle and clusters of blooms at the end of each peduncle. You can buy plants online. The seed pods are smooth, cylindrical, and curved, reaching up to 35 cm in length, and are commonly green, purple, or yellow. It is a significant crop in semiarid areas of Africa and Asia.

It requires minimal inputs because the plant’s root nodules can fix atmospheric nitrogen, making it a desirable crop for resource-constrained farmers and well-suited for intercropping with other crops. The entire plant is fed to animals as forage, and its name comes from its use as cattle feed. The leaves vary significantly in size and form, making this an essential trait for categorizing and recognizing cowpea types.


  • Cowpeas can be utilized as either green or dried feed.
  • It’s also used as a green manure crop, a nitrogen-fixing crop, and an erosion-controlling crop.
  • In addition, cowpea contains trypsin inhibitors, which decrease protein utilization, similar to other grain legumes. Buy this plant on online plant shopping.
  • There is a lot of morphological variation within the species, with many variations in plant size, form, and structure.
  • Cowpeas come in three varieties: upright, semierect, and creeping.
  • The crop is mainly can farm for its high-protein seeds.


  • Once the threat of frost has passed, most gardeners plant cowpea seeds immediately outside. This plant is available in online plant shopping.
  • To hasten germination, thoroughly water the seeds.
  • Cowpea seeds germinate quickly.
  • The cowpea plant takes 100-125 days to reach maturity on average.
  • The leaves will begin to dry out at this point, although they may not fall off altogether.
  • In milder climates, the middle of November is the best time to sow cowpeas. Seeds can be available in an online plant nursery.

1 review for White Cowpea Plant (Vellai Kaaramani)

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    I am very happy to buy all the healthy plants

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