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Bougainville Pink Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Bougainville Pink Plant

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Bougainvillaea is one of those plants that you have to see in person to appreciate. You can’t miss one in full bloom with its stunning flowers and muscular shape. Plant care for bougainvillaeas isn’t tricky, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Name:  Bougainville Pink

Scientific name: Bougainvillea glabra

Origin: South America

Height: Up to 36 inches

Family: Nyctaginaceae

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About Bougainville Pink

Buy Bougainville Pink Plant online from Santhi online plants nursery website. Bougainville Pink Plant is rarely feasible to return a bougainvillaea to its original hue. You can, however, experiment with other situations to see if a hue shift occurs. Bougainvillaea thrives on slightly acidic soil that is moist but drains well and indirect light and warm temps. Bougainvillaea blooms primarily between November and May. Buy this plant on online plant shopping. The optimum time to grow bougainvillaea is during the monsoon season. If they are planted at a different time, they may not form roots. Bougainvillaea thrives in hot, dry environments. During the spring and summer, water and fertilise sparingly. Give a plant some water if it wilts due to dehydration. Instead of using a high-nitrogen fertiliser, use a high-potash fertiliser like hibiscus fertiliser.


  • The sap of the bougainvillaea plant is only mildly toxic, but it can cause illness if consumed in large quantities.
  • The leaves of the Bougainvillea are not poisonous, but a puncture from the plant’s sharp thorns can produce dermatitis, a skin rash caused by an allergic reaction.
  • Bougainvillaea is used to cure hepatitis and cough and control menstruation and vaginal (white) discharge.
  • The blossoms and stems are dried and then boiled in water to make tea.
  • Bougainvillaea leaves are used to treat a range of ailments, including diarrhoea and stomach acidity.
  • In several places, tribal people have utilised this plant’s aqueous extract and decoction to manage fertility.
  • Anticancer, antidiabetic, antihepatotoxic, anti-inflammatory, antihyperlipidemic, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antiulcer characteristics may discover.


  • Early June is the best time to plant bougainvillaea.
  • Choose a spot that gets plenty of suns.
  • The root zone should also be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • The plant may thrive in the mild shade in hot inland valleys.
  • The most crucial aspect in allowing this plant to reach its full potential is sunlight.
  • To develop their colours, they require at least six to eight hours of sunlight per day. This plant is available in the online plant nursery.
  • Keep your bougainvillaea in a pot while planting it for the most outstanding results.
  • Bougainvillaeas thrive in partial shade, producing lush growth with substantial dark green foliage but no blooms.
  • Bougainvillaeas require at least eight hours of direct sunlight per day to bloom at their best. You can buy seeds online.

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