Bio Fertilizer kit combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
Bio Fertilizer kit combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Bio Fertilizer kit combo


Bio NPK 500g
Mealy bug controller 200g
white ant controller 500g
Bio activator(humic acid) 500g
VAM 500g
Bio pesticide 200g
Bio control agent 200g
potash mobilizer 500g

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Biofertilizers for plants that contain living microorganisms which are beneficial bacteria & fungi applied to the plants and soil surfaces which colonize the rhizosphere & root interior parts. You can purchase this super saver pack of 8 biofertilizers from our online plant nursery website.


  • This pack contains the best quality organic npk fertilizermealybugs controlwhite ant pest controlhumic acid for plantsvam biofertilizerbiopesticidesbiocontrol agent, and potash mobilizing bacteria.
  • Above all, products are usage items for a wide range of plants. Such as it acts as a pest, disease & weed
  • And also it enhances the nutrients, promotes good growth, helps in high yielding, and boosts the immunity of the plants.
  • In addition to this biocontrol agent, controls nematode root pathogen increases drought tolerance & germination.
  • Growth promoters solubilize the potash nutrients, make it easier to absorb by plants & improve the formation of plant cells.
  • Application of this bio-fertilizer to wide range of plants such as flower plants, field crops, fruits plants and etc..
  • Potash mobilizer contains suitable species of microbes to mobilize the Potash availability for crop plants.
  • Growth Promoter is the most important nutrient for production of almost crops.

These bio-fertilizers are highly essential for plants & most popular nowadays. You can purchase this combo from our online plant nursery website and grow healthy plants around you.

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