Bio - Activator (Humic) 500 gm - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
Bio - Activator (Humic) 500 gm - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Bio – Activator (Humic) 500 gm

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Packing : 500 gm

Spraying : Mix 1 ml of Humic with 1 liter of water thoroughly and spray all over the plant after sunset.

Soil Drenching : Mix 3 ml of Humic with 1 liter of water thoroughly and drench around the plant accordingly.

Apply Humic in an interval of every 10-15 days for best results.

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Bio-Activator (Humic) 500 gm

Humic-based bio stimulator is a blend of humic acids, micronutrients, and organic matter. Bio-Activator (Humic) 500 gm is an organic bio-stimulant .The activator activates plant growth and stimulates the activities of bacteria in soils.

It helps to multiply the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil by breaking down the enzymes and digesting the organic matter making the soil healthy and fertile. This will aerate the soil and stimulate root activity. It leads to a more active life cycle.

Humic contributes to the faster and more uptake of nutrients by the plant. It improves the taste of fruits and, increases yields, and improves quality.

Application of dosages :

  • For potted soil add 2 teaspoons of humic powder per gallon of water & apply as like normal water around the base of the root zone.
  • Apply once in two weeks.

Bio Activator mainly focuses on

  • Increase Plant Immunity
  • Improves Soil Structure
  • Increase Crop yield and Quality
  • Natural Biostimulator
  • Improves soil carbon content
  • Enhances the growth of leaves, flowers, and fruits.


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2 reviews for Bio – Activator (Humic) 500 gm

  1. sona

    I have tried many a varieties before this one. All are good but this one is best as this is correctly priced as well.

  2. ranjitha

    Plant arrived healthy and in great condition, Fertilizer are highly recommended

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