Growth Promoter (potash mobilize) 200 gm - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
Growth Promoter (potash mobilize) 200 gm - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Growth Promoter (potash mobilize) 200 gm


  • Packing: 200gm
  • Soil treatment : mix 500 ml-potash with 50 kg compost/soil/FYM
  • For spray : mix 250 ml-potash with 100 liter water and spray near the rootzone
  • For Drip irrigation : 1 to 1.5 liter -potash with 200 liter of water

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It contains selective strains of potash mobilizing Bacteria which helps to mobilize & convert insoluble potash  to soluble potash  & makes it available to plants.

In Addition, it can produces certain substances, Growth hormones & Organic acids which further stimulates plant growth resulting in more crop production.

Potash Care contains suitable species of microbes to mobilize the Potash availability for crop plants.

Growth Promoter is the third most important nutrient for production of almost crops,

which can be easily absorbed by the plants and root from the soil.

This plays a vital role in the formation of monoacids and proteins from ammonium ions.

Plants also uptake other elements i.e. N, P & Ca which activates number of enzymes.


  • Improve resistance of crop plants against disease and stress condition
  • Improve crop growth and yield by 20 – 30 %
  • Secretion of growth hormones to increase crop productivity
  • Suitable to apply to all crop
  • Enhance soil health and soil fertility
  • Reduce cost of potash application by 50 – 60%
  • Improve sucrose content in crop and appearance
  • Improve coloration and shelf life of crop



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