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Organic Fertilizer Kit Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Organic Fertilizer Kit Combo

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Steamed bone meal 500g
Cow manure 500g
Goat manure 500g
Groundnut powder 500g
Vermicompost 500g
Neem oil 200ml
Panchagavya 200ml

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                        Organic Fertilizer Kit Combo

We have packed best quality Organic Fertilizer Kit Combo which are naturally processed organic fertilizer for plants. This organic product combo kit is complete alternate to chemical fertilizers. You can purchase this pack at affordable cost from our online plant store and grow healthy plants.


  • This combo kit consists of cow manure, goat manure, bone meal, groundnut powder, vermicompost, neem oil for plants, and panchagavya.
  • This organic combo kit supplies all necessary nutrients NPK, proteins and others to wide range of plants.
  • Like neem oil for plants, vermicompost, panchagavya are all- purpose organic fertilizer which can be applied to all plant varieties.
  • It is safe use and handle as they are reliable, eco-friendly and renewable in nature.
  • Don’t apply any chemical product in direct day light or in rainy days.
  • Application of this organic product kit makes your environment chemical-free.



  • Loosen the soil around plant, Apply the cow manure or goat manure by sprinkling near the root zone of the plants for good results.
  • Water the plants after applying the manure to mix it properly with the soil.


  • Sprinkle a teaspoon of steamed bone meal powder evenly on the soil or add it along with your potting mix. It releases complete nutrients for about 4 months.
  • Apply bone meal fertilizer at the start of the season, then once or twice throughout the growing season hence to strengthen the plant growth.
  • During the growing season once the bio-fertilizer steamed bone fertilizer application is enough.
  • Add the two tablespoons of bone meal to a gallon of water. Mix the steamed bone powder thoroughly; leave it shade for 8-10 hours. Then apply it directly to the soil or sprinkle it lightly on the foliage of your plants.


  • Don’t apply groundnut powder directly into the soil.
  • Soak the groundnut powder in water
  • In the ratio of 100gm: 1litre of water leave it for 8 hours & then apply to your plants
  • During this application additionally spread the neem cake powder on the top soil to prevent from ants.


  • For Potted Plants mix 30-40% vermicompost with garden soil.
  • For existing plants, loosen the soil around the plant, make a 1 inch layer over topsoil & water it immediately.
  • It can also be incorporated into the soil as a base for fruit plants/ trees/ other plants also.

NEEM OIL (100 ml)

  • Neem oil have applied to plants through foliar spraying
  • Add 15-30 ml of neem oil in one litre of water & stir well. It is very essential to add emulsifier and mix properly.
  • This should be used immediately before the oil droplets start floating.
  • For farm lands knapsack sprayer can be used
  • For home garden plants hand sprayer can be used.
  • It can be sprayed all over the plants like underside of the leaves, upper leaves, stems & roots.


   For farmland:


  • Using 3 Litres of panchagavya for every 100 litres of water is ideal for all crops.
  • You can use through power sprayers, hand-operated sprayers, soil drenching, seed treatment before planting & seed storage at the rate of 3% (30 ml in 1 litre of water)


You can use an irrigation system through drip or flow irrigation at the rate of 50 liters per hectare.

For homegarden plants:

Panchagavya should be used only after diluting with water. A 3% solution is usually advised which means about 20-30ml Panchagavya for every 1000ml of untreated water.

Use as liquid manure: Pour the diluted solution of Panchagavya in your planters once in two weeks. About 250 ml of the diluted mix is sufficient for every plant.

Use as Pest-control: Fill a spray bottle with the diluted solution and spray your plants once a month or when you notice pests in the garden. Do not add any pesticides or chemicals to this solution.

These organic fertilizers are high demand and most essential nowadays. You can buy them at cheap cost from us.


Our plant production is through natural and organic methods and we provide good healthy plants and best quality organic products, which are nature- friendly and sustainable which do not cause any harm to the environment hence we recommend you to buy online plants from us and grow disease and pest- free plants around you.

And also, we certainly say that we are the best online plant nursery to buy plants at affordable cost. To buy any plants and products you kindly visit our website and choose your favorite one.




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