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Best Shade Giving Tree For Home And Office - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Best Shade Giving Tree For Home And Office


Get the best shade trees for this summer.This combo gives 2x benefits not only for this summer but for about all years after the year. Get the shade plants at an affordable cost. 


Shade Giving Plants in this combo includes


Silver Oak * 2

Jamun * 2

Kadambha * 2

Euphorbia tithymaloides variegated *2

Casuarina * 2

Indian tulip * 2

Chicken Gizzard Aralia * 2


Note: Plants in this combo are nano-cover plants with the best rootings.

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Best Shade Giving Tree For Home And Office

Buy the best shade giving trees for home and office from our Santhi online plants nursery website. These shade trees for home evergreen perennial houseplants. The shade giving trees these have a good height, and a large canopy to protect your lawn and home from the sun. And these trees not only provide shade but also add beauty to your landscape. You can buy tree gives us shade from online garden store.


These are shade trees with ornamental values for your landscape.

And these are low-maintenance plants & trees.


Plant Care


Soil: These trees grow well in well-drainage soil of all ranges.

Sunlight: All these require full sunlight for about 5-6 hours.

Watering: Water the plants weekly once. When the top inches of soil seems dry to touch.

Fertilizer: Till all tree plants get mature application of any organic fertilizer is recommended. Once the tree matures after 2 to 3 years, no need for any fertilizer requirement, in case of any pest attack panchakavya application is recommended.


About Us


We have about 259+ plants online varieties. Our plant production is through natural & organic methods of plant production. Hence we recommended to buy plants online from us.

To know more about plants online, you can kindly check our and get shade trees from us.





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