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Aesthetic Pink Plants Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Aesthetic Pink Plants Combo

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The Aesthetic Pink plants combo gives an eye-catching fantastic look. And this combo is specially offered for the pink favorite people. This combo contains flowers, fruit, indoor & ornamental plants.

The Aesthetic Pink Plants combo includes

  1. Ixora Mini Dwarf Pink
  2. Ornamental Pink Coleus
  3. Lalit Guava
  4. Ixora Singapuri Pink
  5. Nerium Oleander Pink
  6. Nerium Oleander Pink Double Layered
  7. Ixora Light Pink
  8. Hybrid Ti Plant
  9. Kesavarthini
  10. Croton Mammy- Colorful codiaeum
  11. Arka Kiran Guava
  12. Taiwan Pink Guava
  13. Caladium Candyman
  14. Caladium Pink Sword

Note: Plants in this combo are grown in nano covers with perfect rootings.


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Aesthetic Pink Plants Combo


Buy the Aesthetic Pink plants combo from our Santhi Online plants nursery website. The plants in this combo have all  flowers, indoor plant, guava pink-fleshed & ornamental plants. If you want plants in pink color, it’s the best choice to buy plants at affordable cost. You can buy various combo plants from our online plant shopping.


Specialty of Aesthetic Pink

Plants in this combo Symbolize – Friendship, Affection, Harmony, Inner peace, and Love.



Flower Plants: Fast-growing with high-yielding flowers include Ixora & Nerium plants.

Fruit Plants: Arka Kiran & Taiwan bear fruits twice a year.

Ornamental Plants: Cordyline ti hybrid plants, Excellent croton plant Colorful codiaeum, valuable medicinal plant Kesavarthini.

Creeper Plant: Garlic Creeper – Excellant creeper with medicinal values.

Hanging & Groundcover: Pink lady bears eye catching pink flowers & its perfect groundcover plant.

Indoor Plant: Beautiful plants with Vibrant foliage (indoor plant with pink leaves).


Plant Care

Soil: These plants thrive best in well-aerated soil or organic pot mix.

Water: Water the plants gently at regular intervals. Avoid overwatering.

Sunlight: For outdoor Plants direct sunlight is required for flowers, crotons, groundcover plants & fruit plants. And for indoor ie, indoor plant with pink leaves needs only indirect sun light of 2-3 hours.

Feed: Application of suitable organic fertilizer monthly once for flower, ornamental, & creeper plants. Apply any liquid-based organic fertilizer for fruit & indoor plants.


About Us

We have more than 200 plants online. Our plant production is through natural and organic methods and we provide healthy plants and the best quality organic products. 

And, we confirm you that we are the best online plant nursery. To buy any plants and products you can visit our website and get online plants from us.


2 reviews for Aesthetic Pink Plants Combo

  1. Priyanga

    Most satisfied with these pink plants.

  2. Swethapalani

    nice combo

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