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Jasmine plants are shrubs or vines that grow in a moderately warm climate. This plant originates from India and China. Melati flower are white or yellow in colour. Each Gundumalli flower has about 4 to 9 petals and grows in colour. The inflorescence of the flower is cyme and solitary. Mogra is an evergreen perennial shrub.



This plant is around 200 varieties such as Royal jasmine flower, Arabian jasmine flower, Chendu malli, oosi malli, Kodai malli, and santhana mullai.

melati types

Royal Jasmine

Royal jasmine has good medicinal properties. The flower is deciduous and evergreen. This varieties are cultivated for their blooms. They are climbing type of plant.

royal jasmine

Arabian jasmine

Arabian jasmine commonly known as sambac jasmine, gundu malli flower. It has a more attractive fragrance. Petals are waxy in nature. Mainly used for garland makings. Mogra is known as the jasmine flower. It looks very bright and beautiful. This plant leaf are waxy in nature.

arabian jasmine or melati

Layered jasmine

Layered jasmine are highly fragrant and gorgeous looking. Flowers are used in the workshop and for hair ornament often in rituals like marriages and festivals. Flower blooms like clusters with pure white corella tubes. Gundumalli flower opens at night time and opens in the morning time.

layered jasmine or gundumalli

Chendu malli(Clerodendrum phillipinum)

This plant have different names those are adkku malli, and Mysore malli. Chendu malli have numerous petals with pure white colour. Chendu malli gets its name because of its bunchy florets. These flowers are whitish-pink flowers that emit a smelling fragrance. Gundumalli fragrance remains after it's dry.

chendu malli

Oosi malli

Oosi malli are used to make special oil, perfumes or incense. Melati have leaves that fall in autumn or leaves that are green all around. The arrangement of this plant leaves is simple, trifoliate, and pinnate formation.

oosi malli or jasmine flower

Kodai malli

This flower easily spread the fragrance everywhere after blooms. Kodi mullai is used as an antiseptic. Mogra is also called as melati.

kodai malli or gundumalli

Santhana malli

Jasminum fluminense flower known for its attractive colour and fragrance. Santhana malli is widely cultivated in tropical and sub tropical regions. Mogra flowers release their fragrance at night.

mullai poo

Common jasmine

Common jasmine plant is a rapid growing variety called by names poet jasmine and true jasmine.

common jasmine flower


The height of the plant is 10 to 15 feet as aromatic shrubs. Many flowers come on this flowering tree in the summer season. This plant leaf has an opposite leaf arrangement. Melati is a super quick vigorous grower.



Mullai poo can be propagated by cutting, layering, budding, tissue culture, and sucker. The most time to stem cuttings is from spring to summer.



This plant can grow in well-drained loamy soil and clay soil. Its needs water immediately after planting.



Need to water the mullai poo plant every two to three days. Avoid watering. It can cause fungus infection.



Mullai poo plants need partial sun light. Direct sun light for 6 hours is the best one. This plant leaf required open air and natural lightning.



Application of well-decomposed organic cow or goat manure at 15 days intervals which can help to enhance the growth. Using organic manure can increase soil fertility.



Repot the plants to new pot at yearly once or transplant the plants to good soil surface



Pruning done immediately after flowering to enhance numerous buds. Prune away dried leaves and flowers.


Crop benefits

This varieties are low maintenance and easy care.
This is the best hedge plant.
Flowers used to make tea. This plant called as “Queen of the Night” for its good fragrance.
Yield from plant obtained after six months of planting.
Gundumalli flower is most profitable variety.

"For the love of the planet, keep it green"
Jasmine eco-friendly plant

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