water lily (nymphaea pubescens)-pink 5
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water lily (nymphaea pubescens)-pink 5

water lily (nymphaea pubescens)-pink 5

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The water lily flower (pink) plant is a perennial herb with erect rhizomes. This plant is categorized under the aquatic plant, flower plant & ornamental plants.

  •  COMMON NAME: Water lily (pink)
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Nymphaea pubescens
  • FAMILY: Nymphaeaceae
  • SOIL: Prefers to grow in the frequent standing water of clay soil
  • ORIGIN: India
  • USAGE: Water garden & pond planting.
  • Height: > 6 inches

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water lily (nymphaea pubescens) -pink 5

Buy water lily (nymphaea pubescens)-pink 5 plants from Santhi online plant nursery website. This lilly plant has erect perennial rhizomes that arise from the slender stolen. Oval-toothed leaf floating differs from 15-27 cm across. Pink water lily flowers are 5-15 cm in diameter with 12-14 glossy petals that are diverging with dense soft petals. The multiple petals of each flower are arranged in a spiral. You can buy this aquatic plant from our online garden store and grow beautiful kamal (lily) plants around you.

FERTILIZER: Feed the lily plants monthly once during the growing season (probably August- October). Use any water-soluble slow-release fertilizer. Be cautious while inserting fertilizer, not to damage plants.

PROPAGATION: Done through seeds & cuttings from offsets.

REPOTTING: Spring season is the best time to repot the water lilies. Transfer the plants to large containers or tubs where the roots can grow sufficiently. Apply compost with soil while transferring plants.

CLEANING: Weekly once cleaning is necessary for healthier plant growth. Remove the mosquitoes, algal growth, dust particles, and others.

PRUNING: Water lily flower opens and will be fresh for 3 to 4 days after blooming. After that flower sinks and goes into the water likewise leaves and stems undergoes into water. Remove the dead, dried & deepest plant parts. 


  • It can be grown in indoor, water ponds, water gardens and others.
  • Lilly plant gives graceful and lovely addition to any water landscape.
  • It is drought tolerant of other lilies.

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water lily (nymphaea pubescens)-pink 5 Plant care

  • Place the plant in a wide container or tub of water; fill the container with clay soil of wet condition.
  • Direct sunlight of about 6-8 hours is required for good plant growth
  • Regularly check water stagnation for these plants.
  • Not to allow lily plants to over-freeze in winter.


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