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Biogas slurry - Organic liquid fertilizer - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Biogas slurry – Organic liquid fertilizer

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Biogas slurry is organic fertilizer & it is made ready from Indian cattle composed of waste products & related. This product is categorized under organic fertilizer, all-purpose fertilizer, manure & natural fertilizer.

  • Product Name: Biogas slurry
  • Suitable for: All types of plants.
  • Product Form: Semi (liquid & solid)
  • Product weight: 5 litres
  • Product usage: For gardening, agriculture crops,& other related.



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  Biogas slurry-organic fertilizer

We are selling Biogas slurry-organic fertilizer  – 5 liters in cans for all over south India.Buy organic fertilizers from our Santhi online plant nursery website & make our environment pollution free.

Biogas slurry is the manure that  is anaerobically digested to produce biogas. The residue of manure digestion, bioslurry, can be used as fertilizer for crop production, home gardening  and aquaculture. It is usually mixed with water and is used to irrigate the fields.


  • It is the eco-friendly product
  • Fasten & promote plant growth
  • Biogas- slurry is odourless, does not attract any flies
  • This slurry product is pathogen free.
  • It repels termites & pest.
  • Addition to this it has micro & macro nutrients
  • And it reduces the weed growth by 50%


Shake the can well before  application for best results. Use this slurry product by dilution with water.Recommended interval  of application is twice a week for atleast two months.

For Garden & Lawn plants

Mix 50 ml of liquid in 1 liter of water & Use per square meter.

For Pot plants

Mix 50 ml of liquid in 300 ml of water & Use per pot.

For tree crops

Mix 100ml of the liquid in 1 liter of water & apply as basal application.

  • Application of bioslurry makes a sustainable way for agriculture, environment and farming communities.

Note : Aviod fertilizer application in direct sun light.

Delivery available:-

As of now, We dispatch through ST courier. And the delivery option is available only for South India (Tamilnadu, Kerala, Telangana, Andra Pradesh & Karnataka).


We grow our plants using natural and organic methods and we offer high-quality plants and products, hence we recommend you buy online plants from us and supply bioslurry to enhance good plant growth & pollution free environment.

Futhermore, we trust say that we are the best online plant nursery. To buy any plants and products you can also visit our website and choose your favorite one.


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    Best plant nursery website for plants & organic,bio-fertilizer products

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