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Amirthakaraisal (Liquid Bio-fertilizer) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Amirthakaraisal (Liquid Bio-fertilizer)

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Amirthakaraisal (Liquid Bio-fertilizer)

We are selling Amirthakaraisal (Liquid Bio-fertilizer) – 5 liters in cans for all over south India.

Amirthakaraisal (Liquid Bio-fertilizer) is an effective stimulator, growth promoter, and immunity booster. This manure is always referred to as an organic starting solution, It is usually mixed with water and is used to irrigate the fields.


  • Apply 30 ml for 1litre of water
  • Spray this solution on the soil not on the plants
  • This method encourages micro-organism growth.


  • For one acre you must apply more than 200 liters of amirthakaraisal.
  • Apply once or twice a month
  • Amirthakaraisal can be mixed with irrigation which acts as a tonic for plants.


  • It acts as an organic pesticide.
  • It helps to increase the micro-organism in the soil which will enhance the plant’s growth.
  • Used for organic liquid fertilizer.
  • It also contains natural NPK fertilizers.
  • Liquid Bio-fertilizer is suitable for all kinds of plants and trees.
  • This extract can be used the next day for seed treatment.

Usage 1:-

Use as an organic Pesticide.

Mix 1:5 ratio with water and spray on leaves, branches, and stems.

Usage 2:-

Use as a growth promoter.

Mix 1:3 ratio with water and pour on the roots portion in the soil.

Delivery availability:-

As of now, we are dispatching through ST courier. so, the delivery options are available only for South India (Tamilnadu, Kerala, Telangana, Andra Pradesh & Karnataka).


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4 reviews for Amirthakaraisal (Liquid Bio-fertilizer)

  1. Prabakaran R

    Good organic product

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    Product gave good result

  3. joyfullachu

    Happy to buy this product

  4. radha

    Happy to see this in your website . looking for this to buy .Thanks for providing it in low cost thank you so much sir

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