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Variegated Plants Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Variegated Plants Combo

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Are you looking for variegated plants online India? Shop the best variegated plants as we offer this combo only for those who love variegated plants. We offer variegated plants from flowers, crotons & indoor plants.


Most beautiful variegated plants in this combo include


Variegated Crepe Jasmine
Euphorbia Variegated
Insulin Variegated
Pedilanthus Variegated
Polyscias fruticosa
Graptophyllum Variegated Caricature
Duck Foot Variegated
Money plant variegated
N’joy Money plant
Syngonium White Butterfly
Song of India Green Variegated

Note: Plants in this combo in nano cover coco peat pot mix with healthy rootings.

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Variegated Plants Combo


Buy the Variegated Plants combo from our Santhi online plant nursery website. The variegated plants have a specific beauty apart from other plants. Especially the variegated leaves give a striking visual appearance. Plants in this combo are evergreen perennial houseplants. You also buy other beautiful crotons from our online garden store.


Specialty of Variegated Plants

Leaves have a combination of white, yellow, pink, red and green zones.



These combo plants can serve as important focal points in your landscape design.

It attracts many beneficial insects.

These plants also bloom more flowers like ordinary flower plants.


Plant care

Soil: These plants grow well in good drainage soil or organic pot mix.

Water: Variegated crotons & others are hardy & drought tolerant that require water only when the top inches of soil are dry to touch.

Sunlight: The plants in this combo requires only indirect sunlight of about 2-3 hours.Direct sun light may scrotch the variegated leaves.

Feed: Application of suitable nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer monthly one time around the plants is beneficial for foliage growth.


About Us

We have 220+ plants online from 18 categories at a reasonable cost. Our plant production is through natural & organic. You can buy plants online from us.

For more varieties, you can check our website & get the plants online at a reasonable cost at your doorstep.


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    Beautiful combo

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    nice combo

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