Jumbled combo - 385/- Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Jumbled combo - 385/- Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Jumbled combo – 385/-

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We have packed up the best hanging plants and making your living space greenery & colorful at an affordable cost. Just for you! Order it today & Grab your hanging plants.

1. Star Jasmine (Colour Kagattan)
2. Crape Jasmine Circle
3. Crape Jasmine mini ( NanthiyaVattai )
4. Big Parijatham flower Plant
5. Layered Jasmine (Adukku Malli)
6. Royal jasmine plant-Getti malli
7. Ixora Sandal Plant
8. Ixora Singapuri White Plant
9. Singapuri Ixora Red Plant
10. Mussaenda Yellow Mini
11. Rangoon Creeper Plant (Madhumalati Vine)
12. Bougainvillea White Plant
13. Barbados Cherry Plant
14. Kali Plant
15. Gooseberry Plant (Arinelli)
16. Euphorbia tithymaloides


1. Images are for reference purposes only, Plants that are shown in the images are not sold with the pots

2. Actual products may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc.

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  • Buy these sixteen plants @ affordable price from our online plant nursery
  • Star jasmine has strong aroma, bold buds, year- round flowering character with a longer life span of about 12 hours’ bud remains unopened.
  • Crape jasmine circle is a beautiful evergreen shrub with fast growing, numerous flowers bloom from the single plant.
  • Crape jasmine mini is the eye catching flower with many ornamental & medicinal values. And it is also considered as a pooja
  • Big parijatham flower plant is one of the strong fragrance flowers, it also contains essential oil used to cure many skin diseases. Stem, leaves, and barks are used for treatment of many diseases.
  • Layered jasmine is one of the low maintenance plants with strong fragrance, ground cover crop and all parts of plants are used in treatment of many diseases.
  • Royal jasmine plants are gorgeous white flowers with good aroma & used in treatment of toothaches, dermatosis, coryza, nasal haemorrhage & many more diseases.
  • Plants of Ixora varieties in this jumbled combo are red, white, sandal with attractive flowers, sweet smelling, ornamental hedging and used for other medicinal purposes.
  • Mussaenda Yellow Mini are used for ornamental purposes, used in treatment of leprosy, leaves used in treatment of jaundice.
  • Rangoon creepers are used for ornamental climber plants & shade giving creeper plants.
  • Bougainvillea white flower plants have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-diabetic, anti- ulcer & anti-oxidant properties. It is also used for ornamental and landscaping uses.
  • Barbados cherry plants are rich in vitamins C, A, B, K in addition to this boosts our immunity, prevents colds, flu, cancer, diabetics & many more diseases.
  • Kali plants are good hedging plants with some medicinal values.
  • Gooseberry plants (arinelli) where the fruits are rich in Vitamin C, leaves, roots, barks are used in treatment of traditional medicine (Ayurveda)& and also fortifies our immunity
  • Euphorbia tithymaloides used for ornamental & hedging purposes.
  • These jumbled combo plants can be planted in both outdoor & indoor areas that require low maintenance, watering & other essential things with more beneficial values.

These plants are most popular & in high demand nowadays, we provide these plants at affordable cost and you can buy best online plants from us.


We grow our plants using natural and organic methods and we provide high quality plants and best quality products, hence we recommend you to buy online plants from us and get wide plant varieties at single purchase.

Furthermore, we are splendid to say that we are the best online plant nursery. To buy any plants and products you can visit our website www.santhionlineplants.com and choose your favourite one.

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